Union government, by union, for unions

President Joe Biden is proud to say that the new jobs that his programs will create will be “well-paying union jobs.” But, Joe, what about 93% of employees in the private sector? No. Union members? Does he care about them?

The Department of Labor reports that in America today, 6..3% of all private sector workers are union members. So no more than 10 out of 11 private employees.

The only area where unions are growing in America is in government. About half of the government workers are led by teachers. And they are fundamentalists.

Meanwhile, almost every policy that comes out of the White House offers special interest benefits to workers.

In exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars of organized labor to elect Biden, some of these works are a pure gift to the great labor.

Here are some of the favorite kisses for unions to pick up the Taxpayers tab:

First, a new law requires union workers in almost every federal project. Nonunion contractors are not required to apply. However, these rules add 20% to the cost of each construction and service contract.

The Green New Deal Bill, already passed in the Senate, has a tax break for renewable energy – but only if these projects are combined.

Another absurdity is the creation of a new provision to make the union’s arrears tax-deductible. It will deposit millions of dollars in the union’s coffers.

The grandfather of all of them is a provision in the so-called employment bill that would repeal the “right to work” law in the two states, which would force workers to choose to join a union and prevent them from doing so.

It is a bold coup by the federal government that will force millions of U.S. workers to join a union against their will for the first time in American history. It overturned nearly 75 years of labor laws that left workers’ rights in the states.

This will force the workers to snatch money from their salaries and return it to the Union Bank account. Workers must contribute to the effort of political support by big workers, whether they support the cause and the candidates. It’s nothing more than a “pro-choice”.

Why do Democrats demonstrate on the altar of unions? Because the unions fund the democratic campaign. In 2020, for example, the public sector union donated $ 93 million to candidates, parties and political groups. More than 90% of candidate contributions went to Democrats.

So what we have here is a legal form for Democrats to reward their donors with federal grace. This is called “paying for the game”. Or pen.

I should make it clear that I am not against the right of workers to form and join a union for collective bargaining. The right to add is an early First Amendment right in America. What I am against is that the government is forcing people to join the union.

There are good reasons why Americans cannot join a union. They may not agree with the union policy or position. Top performers want to discuss their own wages and benefits and can pay through their performance.

Or they could be shut down due to widespread corruption in union labor halls, such as embezzlement, fraud, inflated wages and theft. The inevitable website UnionFacts.com calculated 2,100 criminal cases and $ 156 million in fines from 2000 to 2019. These rulers are not saints.

The combination of big government and big labor is the misconduct and corruption of a witch. Who finally provides the tab? 93% of American private workers who are not part of the club.

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Stephen Moore is co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and a member of President Trump’s Economic Recovery Task Force.

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