UN health agency to define Covid-1 post-medical condition to support treatment-Global Issue

Emerging illness, also known as “long covid” in many other similar recurrences, occurs in people who are sure or likely to have a new coronavirus infection, “usually symptoms that last at least two months after the onset of covid-1 of (and) And cannot be explained by alternative diagnoses, ”said Dr. Jan Janet Diaz, head of WHO Clinical Management.

Under the microscope

So far, the lack of clarity among healthcare professionals about the condition has led to complex efforts in research and treatment advances, with the WHO explaining in detail in a document its reasons for following the global standardized clinical case definition.

Speaking at the UN in Geneva, the WHO official explained that the symptoms included “fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive impairment, but others that usually affect daily activities. .And then the symptoms may fluctuate or recur over time.

Complete recovery

In issuing the definition, the WHO noted that most patients who suffer from Covid-1 from recover fully, although some suffer “long-term effects on several body systems, including the pulmonary, cardiovascular and nervous system, as well as psychological effects.” These effects can occur regardless of the initial severity of the infection; It also occurs in women, middle-aged and those who show more symptoms initially.

Describing the new definition as “an important step” in determining the recognition of patients with the next condition, Dr Diaz said it was the UN’s hope that “it would help clinicians and health workers identify patients and initiate appropriate treatment” and intervene and clean up. Path.

We hope that policymakers and the health system will establish and implement integrated health models to care for these patients.

There is no test

Although there are several tests for early Covid-1 infection, there is no such solution for post-Covid-1 infection, and it is not yet clear what exactly causes it in patients.

“Whether it’s viral persistence, and / or, microthrombosis (or) vascular problems,” said Dr. Dia Diaz, outlining some current concerns among scientists for research in this area. “And / or have autoimmunity, or immune system problems that are ineffective and cause some symptoms?”

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