Umbrella to bring real-time data and private asset data to IX Swap’s tokenized stock platform real CryptoNinjas

A Layer-2 Oracle solution, Umbrella Network, today announced a partnership with IX Swap, a platform that creates automated markets for security tokens and tokenized stocks and provides liquidity pool.

Under the partnership, the decentralized Oracles of the Umbrella Network will provide real-world asset information in IX swap liquidity pools and AMMs. These may include stock prices, the S&P 500 index, options data, and more.

Further, Umbrella Network and IX Swap will work towards creating a custom data feed for personal property data. This data feed will be used in both conventional and crypto financial ecosystems.

“At Umbrella Network, we are really excited about this partnership with IXSwap as we look forward to developing the world’s first personal asset pricing feed. This would be a big step towards merging CFIs and DFIs as we enable IX Swap with dynamic and real-time price feeds to become a global liquidity solution for all STO exchanges.
– Sam Kim, Founding Partner of Umbrella Network

Each data point in the umbrella network has been tagged with proof of sensitivity which ensures data reliability even after data recovery through other innovative DFI solutions like dApps and IX swap.

Oracles on the Umbrella Network easily add new data points (and in this case unique data points) through its Merkel Tree architecture that batches huge sets of data before committing to the blockchain.

“We are thrilled to integrate Umbrella Scalable Oracles with IXSwap’s state-of-the-art suite liquidity pool and automated market makers for security tokens. I have been concentrating on STO since 2017 and believe it is one of the biggest opportunities in the world today. I am delighted to be able to work with Umbrella’s innovative and scalable Oracle solutions to support some of our new initiatives in the blockchain space. ”
– Julian Cowan, Founding Partner of IX Swap

Personal asset information

Both platforms will co-develop a personal asset data feed for non-publicly traded assets, which includes pricing information on listed companies’ shareholding patterns, paid-up capital, AGM notes, etc.

The goal of this data feed is useful for things like border consolidation and acquisitions, as currently, it is difficult to find and validate authorized data from listed companies.

Security tokens and tokenized stocks of personal assets are considered ineffective not because of a lack of demand but because of a lack of reliable information on capital, consent and other factors. The umbrella network wants to solve this by bringing a real-time price private data feed to IX Swap.

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