Uma Thurman shares ‘dark secrets’ in intense article on Texas abortion ban

Actor Uma Thurman has written a touching article opposing Texas’ new abortion ban – and she has revealed her “dark secrets” to reinforce her point.

The Supreme Court earlier this month allowed the state ban on abortion to take effect six weeks later. The law is no exception to rape or incest, and private citizens have the power to sue anyone who assists someone in this manner.

The “Pulp Fiction” star wrote in the Washington Post on Tuesday that she felt compelled to share her own story about abortion “in the hope of fanning the flames of controversy from vulnerable women on whom the law will have an immediate effect. … I have a responsibility to stand behind their shoes.” I think so.

Thurman said she was accidentally pregnant by a very old man when she was a teenager. She discussed options with her family and was eventually aborted by a sympathetic German doctor.

“There’s a lot of pain in this story,” he wrote. “It was my darkest secret so far. I’m 51 years old, and I’m sharing it with you from the house where I raised my three children, who are my pride and joy. My life has been wonderful, sometimes Filled with heartbreak, challenges, loss and fear – as many women’s lives – but like them, characterized by courage and empathy. I imagined my beautiful, ical magical children with men I loved and believed enough to dare to bring a child into this world. I have no regrets for the way I have traveled. I applaud and support women who have different preferences. My teenage abortion was the hardest decision of my life, That made me sad then and that makes me sad now, but it was the path to a life full of joy and love that I felt. Choosing not to have an early pregnancy made me want to grow up and be a mother and I wanted to be. ”

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Uma Thurman: “I have no regrets about the way I traveled.”

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