Ulta Beauty’s latest initiative highlights the most influential voice of beauty

Over the past year, the words “diversity,” “promise,” “inclusion,” have been thrown around the beauty industry so much – it has sparked protests demanding justice for the deaths of countless blacks, including Brauna Taylor and George Floyd. This is probably every time a company imposes conditions for a campaign or announcement. The racial injustices that took place outside the industry mirrored the injustices in the space of beauty, such as the lack of opportunities for black founders and the shelf space of black-owned brands. Companies sang tunes of the same diversity but they fell when it came time to take center stage to support their words with action. But there were some exceptions. Enter: Inverted Beauty Muse.

Announced in February of this year, Ulta Beauty’s MUSE campaign is the answer to Beauty Behemoth’s consumer concerns about black representation in its stores.

“Through any DE&I initiative, we as humans begin to work consciously around our blind spots, dive deeper into guest insights, and make an audit of landscape and industry gaps. It allows us to better understand how we can make meaningful changes insensitive,” Carla Davis, VP of Integrated Marketing at Ulta Beauty, told The company is committed to an ambitious plan to celebrate the constantly represented brands in the industry using MUSE as a platform to solve beauty problems by dedicating time, space and resources to this important voice.

Ulta Beauty’s Muse যা which stands for Magnify, Uplift, Support, Empower করবে will raise 25 25 million in 2021 to focus on expanding brands and expanding the black-owned brands they own. The company’s ambitious rollout plan includes its latest move – the MUSE 100, a celebration of the most influential and influential voice of beauty – launching today, September 22nd.

“We proudly launch MUSE: to celebrate, honor, and expand the black voice in beauty by praising, raising, supporting, empowering it and letting it shine a light on our brave, bright and beautiful blacks who have transgressed and defined boundaries. To me, a MUSE is an inspirational person who uses their voices to augment their emotions. ”We are celebrating 100 inspirational black voices in beauty. Debuting at MUSE 100 gives us a greater platform for these inspirers to reach and inspire more people and to influence and influence the industry. “With the launch of MUSE 100, Davis, who led the initiative, said it was just a Not an opportunity but an “obligation to help change industry and the world.”

To help narrow the list to 100 dignitaries, Davis lists a team of taste makers from every corner of the beauty industry who continue to support, raise and influence their communities through their respective work, including Ulta D&I Advisor Tracy Ellis Ross. UniversalIts beauty director is Julie Wilson, co-founder of Melanin Hair Care Whitney White and celebrity stylist Mecca James Williams. “MUSE 100 recognizes a variety of qualities, including vision, leadership, and the ability to stimulate change, upholding values, and being champion inclusive,” Davis added.

Each honoree falls into 10 different categories: Makeup Magician, Hair Riser, Well Makers, Fearless Founder, Story Shifters, Luminous Leaders, Executive Excellence, Culture Creators, Style Setters and Next General. Website and social, but the honorees will donate $ 10,000 to support their mission and impact.

See below the complete list of Ulta Beauty MUSE 100 honorees.

Makeup Magician: Those who make the world more beautiful – makeup artists and inventors.

  • Dev Dui is a makeup artist and the chief creative officer of Wei R Fluid
  • Raisa flower makeup artist and model
  • Jalesa Jayakaran is a natural makeup artist and content creator
  • Rini Luiz is a celebrity makeup artist
  • K-Lani Martinez Beauty Content Creator
  • Darius McKiver is a makeup artist and content creator
  • Kenneth Senegal makeup artist and storyteller
  • Uzo Ukaeje Director of global artistry for NARS
  • Michelle Waribi is a makeup artist and educator
  • Alana Wright is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist

    Hair Raisers: One lock, braid, twist at a time by changing the game of stylist and influential hairstyle.

    • Yene Damtew is a celebrity hairstylist and salon owner
    • Vernon Francois is a celebrity hairstylist and educator
    • Tiffini Gatlin is the CEO and co-founder of Latched and Hooked Beauty
    • Rochelle Graham-Campbell Content Creator, CEO and Founder of Alaika Naturals
    • Felicia Leatherwood Celebrity Natural Hairstylist And Beauty Speaker
    • Michelle O’Connor Global Artistic Director and Hair Stylist
    • Juliana Palancia Hair Care Guru
    • Lacey Redway Celebrity and Fashion Hairstylist
    • Pekela Riley is a celebrity hairstylist, salon owner and educator
    • Milek Tille is the CEO and founder of Carlbox

      Style Setter: Icons and trendsetters in the fashion space.

      • Little Agiemang is the CEO and founder of EveryStylishGirl
      • Kahlana Barfield Brown Fashion and Beauty Editor
      • Kelly Brown is the creator of content and the founder of & I Get Dressed
      • Brandis Daniel Harlem is the founder and CEO of Fashion Row
      • Vogue Naomi is the LG market editor
      • Gabby Greg is a style influencer and a positive worker for the body
      • Antoine Gregory is a fashion consultant and founder of the Black Fashion Fair
      • Hannah Harris, creator of Brown Girl Hands
      • Rajini Jacques, head of Snap Inc. Fashion & Beauty
      • Kia Marie is a stylist and content creator

        Good manufacturer: Leaders and founders are celebrating the beauty of wellness and mental health.

        • The founders of Brown Girl Jane are therefore Beauchamp, Malaika Jones and Nia Jones
        • Aeshia DeVore Branch Founder Beautiful Girls Sweat
        • Ivirlei Brookes Actor, Entrepreneur, Founder of Mavenelle
        • Dr. Jess Jessica Clemens is a board-certified psychiatrist
        • Alexandra Ale is a writer, certified breathing coach and author
        • Dennis Francis is the founder and CEO of The Self Love Organization
        • Kamesha Jones, founder of Sista Afa Community Mental Wellness
        • Dr. Carol Caroline Robinson is a board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist
        • Milana Snow is an entrepreneur and health and wellness trainer
        • Trinity Maujan is the CEO of Offford and co-founder of Gold

          Story changer: Those are telling stories of black beauty.

          • Deanii Scotty Beam Media personality and model
          • Sesali Bowen is a writer and physical positive worker
          • Someone Brown is a writer, author and disabled worker
          • Rachel Cargill is a writer, speaker and activist
          • Marjan Carlos is a journalist, writer and public speaker
          • Matthew A. Cherry is a film director, writer and producer
          • Michelangelo Davis is a writer, activist and cultural commentator
          • Akila Hughes is a writer, comedian and YouTube personality
          • Zari Jones is an actress, model and LBGTQ worker
          • Jasmine Manas is a poet and artist

            Culture Creator: Influential, creators and content curators are driving culture today and tomorrow.

            • Luvvie Ajayi is a writer, speaker and podcast host
            • Brooke DeWard Ozadinley Podcast Host and Content Creator
            • Alexis feature content creator
            • Joshua Kissi, an expert in photography and filmmaking, is an entrepreneur
            • Devin Norrell is a nonbinary model, advocate and author
            • Reyna Noriega is a writer, artist and educator
            • Loris Macmillan Materials Strategy Secretary at Refinery 29
            • Lala Ogunai is an entertainment journalist
            • Founder of Candace Reels Female Collective
            • Carlin Roy is the founder of The Vanity Group

              Brilliant Leader: Changemakers and entrepreneurs are leading and illuminating the path.

              • Sandrin Charles is co-founder of Black at the Fashion Council
              • Sharon Chutter is the founder and CEO of UOMA Beauty and Pull Up for Change
              • Erica Douglas is a cosmetic chemist and founding partner of the MSED Group
              • The founder of the girls will be Char Ellesse the boys
              • Bethan Hardison is a fashion model and advocate
              • Aurora James Creative Director, staff and founder of Brother Wells
              • Candace Marie is a social media consultant and founder of Black in Corporate
              • Shirley Raines is the founder of the non-profit Beauty 2 The Streets
              • Neimka Roberts-Smith Esthetician, Labologist
              • Chrissy Rutherford and Daniel Prescode are brand consultants and founders of 2BG Consulting

                Your Excellency: The masters of beauty, movers and shakers are influencing the industry.

                • Susan Akkad SVP, local and cultural platform of Estee Lauder Company
                • Bracken-Ferguson is the founding center of the Brain Trust
                • Tiffany Cosmetics at Tiffany Carter VP Marketing
                • Erica Coolpaper, general manager of L’Oreal
                • Esi Eggleston Bracey EVP and COO of Beauty and Personal Care at Unilever
                • Ernest James Noir is the founder of Management
                • Dana Oliver, Senior Director of Content and Communication at StyleSite
                • Fenti Global Sales Director Aja Robinson
                • Co-founder of Tomi Talabi Communications, The Black Beauty Club on Pinterest
                • Tristan Walker is the founder and CEO of Bevel and the Walker & Company brand

                  Fearless Founder: Those who change the look of beauty and take the shelves by storm.

                  • Kenan Bisley, founder and CEO of Sunday Interests
                  • Bia Dixon is the founder and CEO of Hiapatco
                  • Shante Lundy, founder of Black Girl Sunscreen
                  • Diarrha N’Diaye-Mbaye Founder and CEO Ami Cole
                  • Jamaica Martin is the founder of Rosen Skincare
                  • KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson are co-founders of Mented Cosmetics
                  • Founder of Yve Car Momperousse and Stephane Baptiste Krayol Essence
                  • Ron Robinson is the founder and CEO of Beauty Stat Cosmetics
                  • Monique Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Mielle Organics
                  • Janelle Stephens is the founder and CEO of Camille Rose

                    Next General Muse: Emerging young black leaders are shaking our world.

                    • Jandra Cunningham is an entrepreneur
                    • Marley Dias is a worker and author
                    • Onia Dillard is an activist
                    • Do Shi Dolan-Sandrino is an artist, public speaker and activist
                    • Jalaiya Harmon is a dancer, content creator
                    • Gigi Mc-Johnson is a stylist and designer
                    • Maya Penn is an entrepreneur, animator and artist
                    • Andrea Reed Hair Content Creator
                    • Hale Thomas Speaker, Youth Health Worker
                    • Yuma Wagg Founder, Natural Hair Care

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