UFC 267: Jan Blachowicz says that although winning is everything, it tastes better after a good fight. MMA News

Jan Blachowicz wants to do a show in Abu Dhabi on Saturday when he puts his UFC light-heavyweight title on the line against Glover Teixeira.

The Polish star is trying to defend his second successful title in the UFC 259 after Israel defeated Adesnia in a unanimous decision.

And although he knows that the most important aspect of the weekend will be that he will come out of the octagon occupied by his belt, Blachovich wants to show a pair of glasses.

“I’m also a fan of this game. So when I watch a fight, I want to see a good fight,” he said. Sky Sports.

“Sometimes, we have a boring fight, sometimes it happens. So I really want to have a good fight. When you have a really good fight, the taste of victory is a bit better. Of course, in the end days, the most important thing is That you have won the battle.

“But I want to show my kids when they grow up, ‘Look, your dad was good. He was a champion and fought well.’ People like to watch these fights.”

After creating a five-fight winning streak, Texeira gets his title shot, and Blachovich prepares for the Titanic fight.

“He got the same results I got a few fights before. He knew what he had to do to win the title again,” Champion explained.

“So I have to be ready for the best glover of her life, ready for everything. And I’m ready for everything.

“I think because he found the same thing that I got, because I think he found it, we’re mentally the same so I think it would be a really good fight to watch. And people will enjoy watching this fight and remember it for a long time. Keep it up. Time, I hope. “

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Blachovich says he needs to be ready for the best version of Glover Teixeira

Blachovich is also getting a taste of this fight as it will be the first time he will enter a full arena in front of the fans and declare himself as the UFC champion.

His TKO win against Dominic Reiss to complete his ascent to the top of the division, and his defense against Adesanya were both put behind closed doors due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“I’m looking forward to it. Two fights without crowds, it was good, a wonderful experience, something new. But a lot better with people,” Blachowich said.

“You feel empowered. They celebrate with you, they shout, maybe they shout for you, maybe not. But it’s much better when you listen to the crowd, when you can celebrate with people. So finally, we People got on the field next to the octagon on Saturday.

“I hope they support me and shout my name, but I’m ready for every scene.”

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