U.S. Flying Haitians start in Texas at Del Rio, returning to their homeland

The United States began returning Haitians camped in Del Rio on Sunday.

This week, about 15,000 illegal aliens, most of them from Haiti, crossed the Rio Grande and entered Del Rio, Texas.

Repatriation flights from San Antonio began on Sunday.

At least three flights with 145 passengers left San Antonio and arrived in Port-au-Prince.

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Six more repatriation flights are expected on Tuesday.

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, single adult males will be expelled via headline via2, but most family units will be processed and released to the U.S. W / NTA (release notice).

ABC News reports:

On Sunday, Haitians returned to their home country of the Texas border town and tried to prevent others from crossing the border from Mexico, signaling that they could be one of the fastest, largest immigrants in America. Or refugees for decades.

Three flights with 155 passengers arrived in Port-au-Prince and Haiti said six flights were expected on Tuesday. In all, U.S. authorities are set to expel many of the more than 12,000 immigrants living near a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after crossing from Ciudad Aqua, Mexico.

When the border is closed on Sunday, migrants initially find other ways to cross nearby until they face federal and state law enforcement. An Associated Press reporter saw Haitian migrants still crossing the river in the United States about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) east of their previous location, but was eventually stopped on horseback and by border patrol agents by Texas law enforcement officers.

As they passed, some Haitians were carrying boxes full of food on their heads. Some took off their pants before heading out into the river. Others were worried about getting wet.

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