Tyson Fury vs Dionte Wilder 3 Wet-in: Live Results, Stream Wayne-Ins for 2021 Fight Card

The third fight in the Tyson Fury-Deonte Wilder trilogy is almost here, but first, boxing rivals must rise to the scale.

Fury and Wilder will weigh in before the ring enters the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday. Fury came in at 3 273 before his previous match with Wilder, which he won through a seventh-round TKO. Wilder stood at 231 pounds, the heaviest mark of his professional life.

Will there be a similar weight inequality for Fury vs. Wilder 3? Follow below for live results from the event.

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See how Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder Well-in

  • Date: Friday, October
  • Time: 5 pm
  • TV channels: ESPN2
  • Live: See ESPN

Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder Live Stream

Undercard Wave-in Live Stream

Wilder weights result in Tyson Fury vs. Dionte

Warrior Weight
Tyson Fury
Dionte Wilder

How long is Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder fight?

  • Date: Saturday, October 9th
  • Event start: ET in the evening
  • PPV main card: 9 pm ET | PT in the evening
  • PPV main event: 11 pm ET | PT at night (approximately)

Fury vs. Wilder card coverage will begin at E in the evening and the original card will begin at 9 p.m. Fury and Wilder will probably walk their rings between 11pm and midnight ET.

As you can see, the live stream is Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder 3

  • TV channels: ESPN2, FS1
  • Live Stream (PPV): ESPN +, Fox Sports App
  • PPV price: 79.99

The Fury vs. Wilder main card will be presented as a joint pay-per-view of ESPN and Fox Sports. It can be streamed live via ESPN + and the Fox Sports app.

Available on ESPN2 and FS1 from 7 p.m.

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Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder main fight card

Matchup Class
Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder Heavyweight
F. Azgaba vs. Frank Sanchez Heavyweight
Robert Hellenias vs. Adam Kaunaki Heavyweight
Jared Anderson vs. Vladimir Tereshkin Heavyweight

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