Tyson Fury defeats Dionte Wilder to retain WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas

Tyson Fury was knocked out in the 11th round

Tyson Fury delivered an exciting knockout in the 11th round of Dionte Wilder to retain his WBC heavyweight crown as their trio fight created another classic on Electric Night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Twenty months after Fury American was ousted, the 33-year-old had to show all his determination and resilience to extend his unbeaten professional record to 32 fights after falling twice in the fourth round.

Fury sent his opponent to an explosive third end just to see Wilder recover, and Britain quickly found itself at the end of the huge right-hand side of the bronze bomber twice in a row.

Wilder hung on towards the end of the seventh but was still in a fierce fight for 10th place, when Fury knocked him down once more before hitting the 11th final to close out this particular chapter of heavyweight boxing.

“I’ve been down a few times, I’ve been injured. Wilder is a strong puncher,” said his opponent Fury, who was taken to hospital as a precaution after the fight.

“It was a great fight. I will make no excuses. Wilder is a top fighter, he gave me a run for my money. I always say I am the best fighter in the world and he is the second best.

“Never doubt me. I can always deliver when the chips are down.”

Tyson Fury
Fury celebrates in the ring with his staff, including his belt and wife Paris

Fury shows he was never beaten

This fight may not be more than Fury, but after a controversial draw at their first meeting in 2018 and a break from Fury for the last time in the seventh round, it again delivered to the crowd-pleasing blockbuster battle in Las Vegas.

Tensions ran high throughout the week of the war, and only bubbled as Wilder’s delayed entrance left the field, before the lights finally went out, and the American, who listed his wide and heavy ring-walk attire as an excuse for his loss last year, Fury , Appeared in a more illegal furry gown.

But in a matter of minutes when there is more than a year to make a classic tussle?

The two fighters entered the ropes for the first time since the explosive meeting at the MGM Grand in February 2020, after returning from behind the Fury, AC / DC, dressed as Roman Centurion.

It was pre-epidemic and moreCambe-based boxers were encouraged by thousands of UK fans who came to Las Vegas to support their charges, although the travel ban means the British will never be enthusiastic about optimists at this time.

But local support couldn’t help but Fury could be surprised once again as he proved once again that, despite finding himself on canvas, you can never write to this man.

Wilder wanted to instruct with a series of jabs on the body from the opening bell as Fury took the time to shape a rebuilding opponent, a new coaching owner Scott said he has more in his toolbox than the previous show.

Wilder’s new regime came into question around Fury’s own preparations – when he contracted the Covid-1 contract and was quickly rescheduled for October, the original summer fight date was canceled and Fury had to flee to the UK to be with his wife Paris for his birth. Child Athena.

The Americans also closed the gap in terms of weight, and despite Fury carrying 39 pounds more than his opponent, both were the heaviest of their professional careers – the 19th Fury at 11 pounds and the 17th Wilder at 17th.

After Wilder’s quick opening exchange, Fury began to dominate and a huge left-right combination sent Alabama to the ground.

The 355-year-old survived the countdown and, reviving the bell, gave Furie a huge right of his own in fourth place and sent the two-time champion to the same round for the first time in his career with another, raising disappointing expectations.

Anger, though, rose and hung on for several rounds after Wilder was knocked out again in the 10th round, the champion finally landed a right that ended the fight after 11 impressive rounds.

Anger rose to the ropes of celebration and there was no entertainment, with Mike taking on what has become his customary style to serenade the crowd with victory songs.

Tyson Fury vs. Dionte Wilder
Referee Russell Mora called for a fight after the Wilder floor hit for the third time

‘I am the greatest heavyweight champion of my era’

Fury has thrown up his challenge but will have to take the title of Oleksandr Usik to become the first undisputed heavyweight world champion since Lennox Lewis in 2000.

Ukrainian seems set Anthony faces Joshua at the reunion It remains to be seen whether the British can win his WBF, IBF and WBO crowns, but Fury has no doubt who is the biggest heavyweight in this tempting era.

“I have repeatedly proven that I can never be written,” he said. “I didn’t have the best performance but I took it out of the bag when it needed to be done.

“He kept getting up but the last right hand on the side of the head finished him off.

“I didn’t get hurt. You got hurt, you get up on the floor. I got up and was very alert the whole time. I was a handful away from knocking him out in the whole fight.”

“I’m the greatest heavyweight champion of my era, no doubt. Number one. If you play with fire for a long time, you’ll burn out.”

Five knockdown stories …

Tyson Fury knocked out Wilder in Deonte
Round Three: Fury knocked out Wilder early in the war
Dionte Wilder hits Tyson Fury
Round 4: After three rounds, it looked terrible for Wilder, but he came back with a right-handed bite that sent Fury to the floor.
Dionte Wilder hits Tyson Fury
Round 4: Wilder sends Fury to the ground for the second time in a stunning comeback
Tyson Fury knocked out Wilder at Dionte for the second time
Round 10: Fury hit Wilder for the second time with his right hand
Tyson Fury knocked out Wilder in Deonte
Round 11: Fury lands a huge right hand that knocks Wilder off the mat for a knockout

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