Tyson Fury confident he will ‘beat Dionte Wilder to beat’, uncertain about next fight

After Anthony Joshua’s unanimous decision to Alexander Usik on Saturday night, WBC and The Ring Champion Tyson Fury seems to be locked in as the king of the heavyweight division.

Before Joshua’s defeat to Ushik, Fury was re-established as the No. 1 heavyweight by Fury’s top-ranked promoter, Bob Arum, who said during a zoom call with national media on Wednesday that “there is no heavyweight in the world who can defeat Tyson Fury, period, end of story.”

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At Fury’s camp, this includes Deonte Wilder, who will challenge Fury at their third meeting on Saturday, October 3rd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“Make no mistake, this will be the make-a-break moment in Dionette Wilder’s life,” Fury said. “Anyone can lose a war, anyone can have a bad night. But it’s time for her make-or-break. ”

There are three takeaways here from Fury’s press conference.

Fury only centers on Wilder

Following Joshua’s defeat to Ushik, an undisputed heavyweight title fight is now in jeopardy.

Fury and Joshua signed a two-fight deal in March to combine their heavyweight belts, although Usik is now a champion and Joshua has activated a rematch clause to fight him, according to Usik’s team.

That leaves Furry’s immediate future – he said he wants to fight WBC interim heavyweight champions Dillian White, Joshua (twice) and Derek Chisora ​​in his next five fights – uncertain. For now, he said he’s only focused on Wilder.

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“I don’t care about anyone else,” Fury said. “They are not on my radar. There’s no one on my radar, just a Bronze Bomber, aka Big Dossier. He’s the most dangerous heavyweight, excluding anyone, and the only person I really care about beating.

Asked if he would fight Joshua after a possible win against Wilder, Fury simply said he had “a lot of work ahead” and it didn’t matter who he would fight next. About Usik’s victory, Fury said: “He did his job, and that’s what I know.”

He hopes for a ‘make-or-break moment’ for Wilder

After Fury defeated Wilder by TKO in February 2020, Wilder did not take credit for the loss; He blamed his 40-pound ring walking suit for the weakness in his legs, saying his water was spit and Fury loaded his gloves, causing his ears to bleed.

Fury again denied Wilder’s allegations Wednesday afternoon, saying he was looking for excuses.

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“What I’ve seen from Dionte Wilder is that he can’t accept defeat,” Fury said. “He doesn’t know why he lost – he has a million reasons.

“He did not show any class in the defeat, and he did not admit that he was beaten. Therefore, he cannot overcome it. ”

Despite his assurances that he would “beat Dionte Wilder”, Fury added that Wilder would be “the most dangerous heavyweight on the planet” and that both fighters would seek knockouts aggressively.

“I’m going to fire all the guns, go on the whole attack, all the infantry, until I finish this job, come out the door straight from one round,” Fury said. “It’s either I’m going to be, or Wilder.”

Anger is confident in its shape

In June, Fury said his goal was to weigh 300 pounds before his third fight with Wilder, which was due before Fury in July, and his camp members tested positive for Covid-1 for.

Fury said Wednesday that he was “working” with his weight, although his positive test and the delay in admitting his daughter Athena to the hospital had affected him.

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“I’m working on it,” Fury said. “I had covid, I took a month off with me who was sick. It takes a long time to eat all these things. I don’t know if I’m going to be the heaviest of my career, but it’s giving me the best, best shots. Don’t worry about it. ”

Regardless, Fury said he is in the best shape of his life and currently weighs “270 (pounds) -plus.”

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