Tyler, the creator got this red carpet thing overed

Amy Susman

Creator Tyler

Tyler’s new album – which may be out of release Call me if you get lostUt but tweaked some new records but he kept his standard uniform in play. He continues, without question, his dedication to both the sweater-vested king of Hollywood, and the calf-high white socks and season-to-rejection headwear. And every pair of shorts on earth would be good to be this length. The key to the new touch is some light luggage, advanced jewelry, and what I’m betting on is a sick wine cart. A great fit for the red carpet – especially since you realized that Tyler wore it all day before going to the show.

Adam Pantoji

Devin Booker

Booker continues to turn his head to fit his quiet, ultrasharp runway. You’ve just heard of them coming – not the other way around, we imagine, the feeling of it jumping into your head.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Travis Scott

To begin his collaboration with Mondo Dior, rapper Kim Jones took the wildest suit for a ride – and it looks very easy to wear. No credit!

Leon Bennett

Harvey Keitel

No. Only The man is allowed to wear sandals on the red carpet – but of course One Only

The best griffin
The best griffin

Lil Nas X.

The undisputed champ of last night’s BET Awards, and another great reminder not to wear anything else that makes you feel awesome.

Raymond Hall

Evan Mock

The Gossip Girl The star skate outfit should also be doubled for what you wear this summer.

Fraser Harrison

Ruigi Villasener

There is no better way to take a bow than a cream-colored shorts suit of your own design.

JOCE / Bauer-Griffin

French Montana

Silky well and well hydrated!

The best griffin

Jack Harlow

Take it out and take it to your tailor.

Pierre Su

Virgil Abloh

Maybe don’t ask your tailor to copy it – but follow Virgil’s spirit so that your suit becomes deeply un-stuffy.

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