Two of the 17 missionaries abducted in Haiti have been released News

The U.S.-based church group welcomed the release of its members, but said that “our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held.”

Two of the 17 Christian missionaries abducted in Haiti last month have been released, according to the group’s US-based church.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Christian Aid Ministry said, “We have learned that two of the hostages in Haiti have been released.”

It said the names of those who were released, why they were released or did not provide any other information.

“While we rejoice in this release, our hearts are with the 15 people who are still being held,” he added.

Sixteen Americans, including five children, and a Canadian were abducted in October after visiting an orphanage. Their Haitian driver was also taken hostage.

The leader of the kidnapping ring has threatened to kill the hostages if his demands are not met. Authorities say the gang, known as the 400 Maozos, was demanding মিল 1 million per person, although it was not immediately clear if it included children in the group.

Haitian National Police spokesman Gary Desrosea confirmed that the two hostages had been released on Sunday.

The FBI, which is assisting Haitian authorities in retrieving the detainees, declined to comment.

Haiti released amid a spate of gang-related violence and kidnappings, the U.S. government recently called on Americans to leave Haiti amid deep insecurity and a severe shortage of fuel blamed on gangs blocking gas distribution terminals.

On Friday, Canada announced that it was removing all but necessary staff from its embassy.

Fuel shortages have forced hospitals to divert patients and paralyze public transport, with some schools closed and businesses reduced their working hours.

Haiti is also trying to recover from the July 7 assassination of President Juvenal Moises and a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck in mid-August, killing more than 2,200 people and destroying thousands of homes.

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