Turkish citizen pleads guilty to Medicaid fraud in long-running ‘birth tourism’ project

A man on Long Island has pleaded guilty to running a long-running “birth tourism” scheme through which he brought 117 pregnant women from Turkey to the United States to give birth to their children and obtain citizenship.

Ibrahim Aksakal, 49, of East Patch, NY, admits to running websites and Facebook pages in Turkey such as “Let My Child Be Born in America” ​​and “Born in America” ​​that allows women to have children. US 7 7,500.

These fees include transportation costs, visas, medical care, accommodation for a certain period of time before and after giving birth to women and helping their children to apply for citizenship after birth.

Oxacal on Friday pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit medical and wire fraud. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. A message from his lawyer was not immediately returned.

Birth tourism seeks to take advantage of a constitutional right that grants automatic citizenship to any child born on U.S. soil. Last year, the U.S. State Department amended its rules to allow consular officials to deny a visa to a woman who believes she is traveling to the U.S. to give birth.

The conspiracy led to the theft of the hard-earned money of more than $ 1 million Americans.

– Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Cini

Coming to the United States to give birth to a woman is not fundamentally illegal, but prosecutors have pursued opportunists like Axis. There is no clear number of women who travel to the United States to obtain citizenship, especially for their unborn children, but the Center for Migration Studies, which supports stricter immigration laws, estimates that in 2019 there could be approximately 33,000 births each year. Tourist.

According to court records, Akskal, also known as Dennis, used to instruct women to conceal their pregnancies and lie to U.S. consular officials in Turkey, saying they were traveling to the United States as tourists or doing business.

Once they arrive in New York, Oxacale will take the women to one of the seven “birth houses” in Suffolk County, Long Island.

When it came time for women to give birth, they were taken to a local hospital where the cost of delivery was covered by Medicare. In all, prosecutors say the scheme cost the New York State Medicare program more than মিল 10 million.

“It was a highly complex, international investigation that led law enforcement to a key part of the scheme,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Cini. “More than $ 1 million worth of hard-earned money was stolen from American citizens through this conspiracy, and today’s petition holds its ringleader accountable.”

Prosecutors said that between 2017 and 2020, Oxcal and his associates brought 117 women to the United States, where they gave birth to 119 children.

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