Tucker Carlson: Maybe General Millie should be fired for blowing up a bunch of kids and lying about him? | Video

U.S. officials now acknowledge that ten innocent people were killed in Afghanistan last month in a drone strike that sparked an altercation between FNC’s Tucker Carlson and Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Millie.

He described Millie as a “poster boy” who “forced us to believe that German-educated Saudis would never fly over the World Trade Center.”

“If you fire Mark Millie for inadvertently killing a group of kids and then lie about it, the discipline of accountability will probably start,” he said. “Maybe they left behind hundreds of American citizens in Afghanistan and lied about those who don’t want jobs.”

TAKAR CARLSON: As US troops pull out of Afghanistan this summer, Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced a new and highly innovative intelligence partnership. The Pentagon, Millie explained, would begin sharing classified information with the Taliban. Yes, the Taliban, bearded religious extremists in men’s pajamas, have been a major threat to us in the United States for 20 years. But no more, they are our partners now.

The Biden administration has really explained that we were open to coordinating with the Taliban in suppressing terrorism against our new enemy, a shadow group that may or may not actually have ISIS in its name.

Jane. Mark Millie, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: We don’t know what the future holds for the Taliban, but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a ruthless group in the past and we’ve seen it change.

And as far as we’ve fought with them in that airfield or in the past year or war, do what you want to do to reduce the risk of missions and forces, not what you want to do.

Q: Do you think there is any possibility of coordination with them against ISIS?

Millie: It’s possible.

Carlson: Because when you’re fighting ISIS, there’s no hold.

The first of Millie’s coordinated attacks against ISIS came three weeks ago. It was August 29th. Just a few days after the bombing of Kabul airport killed 1 American soldier, a date you remember very well.

At the time, even Democrats were clearly pointing out that Joe Biden was barbaric and completely incompetent. Therefore, the administration desperately needed to prove at that moment that they were not old and incompetent, but decisive and strong. And what better way than to kill people.

So that day, the U.S. military dropped a white Toyota bomb on a residential complex not far from Kabul airport. The White House called for the strike to demonstrate our military prowess in Afghanistan, especially against ISIS.

Now, Mark Millie who is quite young to get older, but often seems to have strongly agreed that it was a good thing.

Millie: At the moment, we think the procedures were followed correctly and it was a religious strike.

Carlson: Did we say goodbye? We mean righteous. It was a religious strike and everyone in Washington agreed. A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the attack to Jennifer Griffin as follows: Significant explosives in the car caused a secondary explosion. The bombers were members of ISIS and were on their way to Kabul airport. Last quote.

So it was perfect. All the bad guys died. All of ISIS’s staff and almost every news agency in the country have taken this account. They were grateful for giving something to poor old woman Joe Biden.

The “Washington Post” hired five journalists in the story and they dug deeper, they concluded – they concluded that Biden’s drone strike was a quote, “the goal of an Islamic state.”

On television where in most cases there is no reporting, they just read the paper and repeat it, not a single person seemed too skeptical about it.

Unauthorized men: When detectives target them, we can hit them from outside the Afghan border, which is an important element of Biden’s plan after we withdraw.

So the power of this horizon was demonstrated. I thought it worked.

Uncertain woman: You called this strike significant.

Undefined Men: This is a perception of what President Biden calls the The Digestive Strategy.

Frank Figueroa, former director of the FBI for Counterintelligence: The military event is much more than just a drone strike. It is a projection of power. It is a message to the United States that, although we are leaving, we are not ending the campaign against terrorism.

Although we’re going to do it as they say on the horizon from a distance and it’s going to be a lot more challenging, we can still do it.

Carlson: So remember, not everyone you see talking about knows anything – literally nothing more than what they read on Twitter about this drone attack. They were completely ignorant, and it didn’t stop them, because it never tried to sound completely authoritative.

This is our news promotion.

Soon, however, some people began to ask obvious questions. For example, who was killed by the US military? When questioned, the Department of Defense will not say. Oh, that might be a tip.

The DOD will not show any evidence of a secondary explosion, an explosion that proves that the car was driven by ISIS-K-suicide bombers. Instead, Mark Millie simply reassured the country that the secondary explosions were real, they happened. We know, and the rest of us need to take his word for it.

That was exactly the line from The Pentagon’s top, well-known liar, John Kirby.

Q: Two quick questions, if I can. In the strike against the car, did you say – Central Command secondary explosion which I think, but do you really have visible evidence that there was a secondary explosion? Are you sure it was there because it seems to be one of the most likely contributing factors to civilian casualties?

So what do you do – are you sure there was a second explosion?

Rear Admiral John Kirby (RET.) Pentagon Press Secretary: Yes.

Q: Can you-I did a follow-up on a different part of it. Can you say for sure?

Kirby: No.

Carlson: Oh, liar. Not the first time, not fifty times. Are you sure there has been a secondary explosion? Yes. Do you know how to confirm? I won’t tell you. And he never did.

Neither John Kirby nor anyone else at the Pentagon ever corrected that story, but “The New York Times” did for their rare achievement.

More than a week ago, “The New York Times” ran a piece with video evidence that the Biden administration’s drones did not actually kill anyone from ISIS, they are anyone, assuming they exist. The drone killed a vehicle carrying a civilian aid worker and children.

Toyota had no bombs, they had water bottles, which is so different from bombs that they don’t explode, not even a second time.

Finally this afternoon, the Biden administration was forced to stop lying. So here’s Kenneth McKenzie, the head of US Central Command.

Jane. Kenneth McKenzie, Jr., Commander, Centcom: As we review the results of the investigation and the helpful analysis of interconnection partners, I am now convinced that 10 civilians, including seven children, were tragically killed in that strike.

Moreover, we have now assessed that it is unlikely that the car and those who died were associated with ISIS or were a direct threat to U.S. forces.

Carlson: All right. After consulting with our interconnection partners, all of whom receive “New York Times” deliveries at home, we admit that we actually lied for weeks about what we did. It was not ISIS. There were no suicide bombers. There was no second explosion. It was the kids and the water bottle.

In his remarks today, General Mackenzie declined to announce any consequences for killing children or lying for weeks. Why now? We think we know.

On September 1, Mark Millie explained that the August 29-29 drone strike was not out of the ordinary, in fact, it followed the same pattern as other drone strikes in Afghanistan over the past 20 years.

Millie: We had a very good idea that ISIS was preparing a certain kind of vehicle in a certain kind of place. We have observed this in various ways and all engagement criteria are being met. We went through the same level of austerity that we did over the years and we went on strike.

Carlson: Oh, we had a very good intellect. Fortunately, the same kind of intelligence that led us to believe that German-educated Saudis would never fly a plane to the World Trade Center or the Pentagon or any field in Pennsylvania. The detectives who told us about the fall of the Berlin Wall told us that it was better to leave Bagram air base because Kabul was safe. The government will keep that detective standing.

So a car full of children that died in a drone strike on August 29th, and we’re quoting, “the same level of harshness we’ve been doing for years.” Well, that’s not very reassuring, is it?

But you won’t find more public statements about our Pentagon leaders. This explains why no one was punished for this disaster.

If you dismiss Mark Millie for inadvertently killing a bunch of kids and then lie about it, the discipline of accountability will probably begin. Maybe they left behind hundreds of American citizens in Afghanistan and did not want to dismiss anyone who lied about them. So you can’t start firing people because they’re horrible about their jobs. So you can’t shoot anyone. That is the rule.

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