Trump should be brought to justice

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Windman said Sunday that Trump should be summoned by a 1/6 committee and brought to justice.

Vindman’s video:

When Windman asked CNN’s Jim Acosta if Trump should be summoned:

Absolutely. And now I have the opportunity to say Because I’m not one Lawyer, you don’t have to To understand all the hardships, But on the same note, Should be brought to the President Justice, he is not above the law. I felt that when I was Reported a president Unjust and presidential Abuse of power. And if he is lying in front Commission, then he should Suffer the consequences.

The problem is he doesn’t have it Suffered the consequences. He did not suffer Consequences of abuse The power of first impeachment. Mismanagement Covid, try Stealing an election The future And in the second one too – and He was after the rebellion Are not held accountable.

Which discourages him Continue behaving like the future The authoritarian leader is trying To seduce the Republican state Government from the beginning The law that allows them It reverses the will of the people That vote on one side? We need accountability. This is an open wound. You can’t do without accountability Go ahead.

There is a wound in America that will not heal until Trump faces trial

The reason President Biden is not able to move America forward by tearing his finger is because the vast majority of the nation has to hold Trump accountable. It doesn’t matter if that accountability comes to court in New York, Georgia, or Washington DC.

The nation will not be able to heal and move forward until Trump stands before a jury of his colleagues.

Lieutenant Colonel Windman was right. Donald Trump will have to face trial for his crimes.

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