Trump is now accusing William Barr of rigging the election for Biden

In a letter to the editor who can only be described as perverted, Trump wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Bar had rigged the election for Biden.

Trump wrote a list of Pennsylvania conspiracies in the Wall Street Journal that forced him to lose the state:

Many reported and sworn affidavits are evidence of intimidation and harassment of vote observers, by many brutal forces.

Attorney General Bill Barr directs U.S. Attorney Bill McSowan to stand and Do not investigate Electoral irregularities.

মার্ক Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has spent more than 17 million to interfere in the Pennsylvania election, including $ 5.5 million for “ballot processing equipment” in Philadelphia and $ 552,000 for drop boxes where voting patterns are not possible.

Given Trump’s current state of mind, it’s no surprise that Glenn Yankin doesn’t want him anywhere near his campaign in Virginia.

Trump is blaming his own attorney general for Joe Biden’s victory.

Bar Joe did not rig the election for Biden. He refused to side with Trump, using the judiciary as a tool in his coup to overthrow the election. In Donald Trump’s mind, the behavior of the bar throws selection for Biden.

William Bar is no hero. He allowed the judiciary to act as Trump’s personal legal adviser, he killed the Russian investigation and deserved all the contempt he received for the rest of his days.

Trump has lost, and he won’t let it go. Trump is still fighting to be declared the winner in 2020. The nation has moved on, but Donald Trump has not.

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