Trump has filed a 100 million lawsuit against the New York Times and Mary Trump for the 2011 Tax Story.

Donald Trump is pursuing a target of his choice – the former president has filed a িয়ন 100 million lawsuit against the New York Times and his niece, Mary Trump.

The Gray Lady in the issue ran about her tax in 2018 and the role of Mary Trump in allegations of gathering information for the newspaper.

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What the suit complains

The lawsuit claims in part:

“The defendants were involved in a conspiracy to obtain confidential and highly sensitive records, which they used for their own benefit and as a means to falsely legitimize their publicity. Were inspired and intended to further their political agenda.

The defendants in the lawsuit are three New York Times reporters, David Barstow, Susan Craig and Rush Buetner, whose former president’s lawsuit alleges “confidential tax records were in the midst of an extensive crusade.”

For the president’s niece, the allegations against Mary Trump are “take the records out of her attorney’s office and return them to Barstow, Craig and Buetner.”

Reporters finally won the Pulitzer Prize in 2019 for their “investigative reporting” of Donald Trump’s assets based on these tax documents.

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Mary Trump’s track record

Mary Trump has long shown a kind of revenge against her uncle and his family. He has recorded at various liberal media outlets to trash the former president and his family.

Earlier last month, when left-wing MSNBC commentator Joy Reid asked him if he thought Donald Trump had turned the GOP into a “fascist” party, he said, “There is no doubt about it.” “

He claims that Republicans are passing voting laws in an attempt to re-elect Donald Trump in 2024. He needs to explain himself, because he has been beaten so badly. He was so humiliated that he could not bear it. ”

No one in Donald Trump’s family is immune to throwing Mary Trump under their bus. He added in August that his cousins, Ivanka and Don Jr., “don’t have the likes of their fathers” and that they “don’t have enough charisma to connect with Republicans.”

In a podcast in February, Mary Trump admitted to being the source of the 2018 tax story, adding, “Yeah, um, I’m really proud of it …”

“I do not fully understand how much risk I am taking. If anyone in my family knew what I was doing, there would be a reaction – I knew how vindictive they were – but there was no way to understand how deadly the consequences could be.

In response to the lawsuit, Mary Trump said in an interview with the Daily Beast,

“I think he’s defeated, and he’s going to throw whatever he can against the wall,” he added, “it’s frustrating. The walls are closing and he’s throwing something against the wall that will stick. Like Donald, he’s changing the subject.” Try to. ”

“A lot more will come, including other people and fake news media,” Donald Trump said of the case through a spokesman.

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