Trump has claimed fictitious executive privileges against 1/6 committee subpainers

Former President Trump is trying to claim an executive privilege that he should not prevent 1/6 of the witnesses from testifying.

According to Newsmax:

“President Trump is going to fight back,” Newsmax reported. He’s going to call for executive privileges, and that means people like Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, top adviser Dan Scavino and another top adviser, Kash Patel, won’t be able to comply with these subpeners that came from the Jan. 6 commission. That’s what you got with President Trump. You will find someone who fights. Do you understand me That’s what we like about President Trump and he’s stuck with these people who are trying to get behind him. ”

There is no executive privilege to block Trump’s subpena.

Trump can’t block Subpena with executive privileges, because he’s not president. Trump will need President Biden’s help to block the committee’s request, and the Biden administration is not going to help Trump.

Trump’s claim to executive privilege is fictional. The 1/6 committee says Trump has no executive privileges, and if witnesses do not comply, criminal charges will be brought against them.

The people Trump has detained are Bannon, Meadow, Scavino and Patel with their bogus executive privilege claims.

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