Tribute to UN, Nation, 9/11 Memorial – Global Issue

In downtown Manhattan // 11 Speaking at the Memorial and Museum where the Twin Towers stood, Mr. Bhorankov highlighted the significance of the memoir. “We have gathered on this sacred ground in the UN host city from all over the world, to pay our respects to the victims and survivors of the horrific attack that took place here just twenty years ago,” he said.

Speaking for the voiceless

Special heads of state, ministers and delegates representing more than 120 member countries and international organizations gathered in New York to inaugurate the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Vornkov said the United Nations is committed to placing victims at the center of global counterterrorism efforts, to speak up for those who can no longer speak, and to strengthen the voices of survivors.

“We will continue to stand in solidarity with all victims of terrorism. They will not be forgotten. No day will ever erase them from the memory of tomorrow, ”he added.

The memorandum demonstrates the commitment of the United Nations that 2,977 people from more than 90 countries traveled when hijacked planes brought terror to New York, Washington and beyond, and thousands more were injured or sick.

‘Global Moment’

Alice Greenwald, president and CEO of 11 Memorial and Museum, said: “Many see the memorial as the beginning of the 21st century. The 9/11 attacks may have taken place here in the United States, but 9/11 was not A global moment.

“Your presence here is a powerful demonstration of global solidarity with the victims of 9/11 and their families, indeed all victims of terrorism.

“Standing here today, you have reaffirmed the need to remember and highlight our shared humanitarian obligations – acknowledging that the humanitarian effects of terrorism and extreme violence are universal and collectively acknowledge the complete illegitimacy of terrorism in response to political allegations,” she said. Greenwald is over.

Needs and rights

Expressing sympathy and solidarity with the bereaved families, Spanish Foreign Minister Jos Manuel Albেসres, Vice President of the Friends of Terrorism Group, called on the EU to extend its commitment to “our common co-operation” against terrorism and the victims, their needs and their rights. Please.

There was a minute of silence at the ceremony, after which Under-Secretary-General Voronekov and Foreign Minister Albers laid a wreath in memory of all victims of the 9/11 attacks and victims of global terrorism.

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