Trey Young has reached the status of a wrestling villain

Your first signed shoe comes in a beautifully designed box, but above it you have a quote: “Always remember when they suspected you.” You’ve also got “always remember” tattoos on your hands. What does this mean to you and why did you want this message in your first signature kicks?

For me, that means a lot of different things. I put it there because I always remember what people said – what they told me about the draft, you know, things like that. But, I remember my father and my grandfather. [My grandfather] So that’s what it’s all about when I died at the age of ten. There is so much more behind it but it always comes back.

The colors of your first round draw a lot from the culture of Atlanta and the city. They go quite deep, referring to a specific billboard in a town in the color of so-so dope that locals will immediately recognize. Are there any specific details that are your favorite?

Man, I don’t know if there is One. I like Peachtree shoes because of the detail of the tongue and insole, which clearly refers to Peachtree Street. And then there’s the peach in the same place on the other shoe. I love it, and I like the peachy color.

Courtesy of Brenna Ellis / Adidas

What’s it like to be someone who was so closely associated with Atlanta when you weren’t a native and still have a really strong relationship in your hometown of Oklahoma?

This is definitely a new feeling. I grew up in Oklahoma from the age of four and didn’t leave until I was nineteen. Fifteen years spent there, you know, most of my life. It’s always going to be home for me. But four years after coming to Atlanta, it feels like home. The way the city has embraced me, the love I have received from the fans, I am definitely feeling it. I always tell people I have two homes: Oklahoma and Atlanta.

Do you think we’re finally going to get some Oklahoma-colored way to go with Atlanta?

Oh, for sure. I honestly want to do a whole bunch of different things with them. I think it was just that I did a whole bunch for Atlanta’s first shoe. But as I get older I want to tie it up more in Oklahoma.

“Ice Cotton Candy” version.

Courtesy of Brenna Ellis / Adidas

We recently learned that the Hawks are locked in Madison Square Garden for Christmas Day. You got a visual preview of what that reception was going to be like when you attended a WWE SmackDown taping in the Garden. How did your pro wrestling debut come together?

[Laughs] They wanted me to come out, show some “love” to the crowd and have some fun. It was a great idea. I was a fan when I was little and my little brother saw it a little bit, so he told me I had to do it when they called. The fans weren’t too happy to see me but it was a great experience.

Your fellow Adidas athlete Damien Lillard collaborated with Rick Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin on some of his kicks. If you had to shoot your shot right now, who would you ask to be a part of your tag team at Sneaker Colorway?

I mean, it has to be Ray Mystery now, right?

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