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Travelers will be able to buy airline tickets to Venezuela using cryptocurrency in the near future. According to Freddie Borges, director of Mycetia International Airport, the company will work to include cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Bitcoin and National Petro as supported currencies in the airport’s payment system.

Airports in Venezuela to receive crypto as payment

Accepting cryptocurrency as a way to pay for airline tickets in Venezuela could be very close. According to Freddie Borges, director of Mycetia International Airport, the company is working to adapt its payment system to get some cryptocurrency for air tickets and other services offered at the airport. In this sense, Borges says:

“We will activate a button for cryptocurrency payments on airport platforms and commercial activities in coordination with Suncrip.”

Of the cryptocurrencies that will be supported, the official mentioned Bitcoin, Dash and National Petro. Borges stressed the importance of establishing these payment methods to facilitate the shopping of tourists who may come to the country in the future. He said the airport needs to move forward with the implementation of these new equipments that tourists can use.

The use of this cryptocurrency as a payment method will be regulated by the national cryptocurrency watchdog Suncrip. Myketia International Airport is one of the most important civil airports in the country, receiving passengers from 17 international destinations.

Not the first time

This is not the first time Venezuela has mentioned cryptocurrency as a possible payment method for airline tickets. A national airline called Conviasa has announced that it will start selling tickets to Petros in 2019. At the time, National Cryptocurrency Superintendent Jocelyt Ramirez said the activity would be confirmed in less than two minutes.

Then, another national airline, Tarpial Airlines, announced that it would accept payments in Bitcoin for tickets last August. The small airline, which operates three Boeing planes, was one of the leading private airlines in announcing support for cryptocurrency payments.

The announcement appears to be the result of what President Nicolas Maduro said in January, when he stressed that this year would be the year of the “revival” of all cryptocurrency systems. However, inflation and devaluation have not stopped this year. On 1 October, the Venezuelan government applied the renaming of the Fiat currency, reducing its value by six zeros to facilitate payment.

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