Tracksuits are trending – here are 13 sets to get you started

Today’s trends are straightforward, belly chains, sporty gym shorts and the opposite bikini all create waves. Making sure your clothing is up-to-date can often mean searching for items to buy in a sea of ​​confusing options. Where does one actually buy a belly chain? What sets regular gym shorts apart from fashionable gym shorts? Is shopping as hard as wearing a reverse bikini? Our new column Source Answers all your market-related questions, as well as offers you an endless source of style that will simplify today’s top trends, so you can spend your precious time learning about the next wave of trends.

“Red light, green light.”

So far, most of the Internet is familiar with fear-mongering phrases, thanks to worldwide success. Squid game. As a result of the Netflix series, viewers are also aware of one of the most popular items in the fall: tracksuits.

The search for retro-inspired matching sets has reported a 97% increase since the release of the South Korean drama – where players have to survive a series of deadly games to win the 1 million prize. (The site also reported a 35% increase in searches for white slip-on sneakers, which the characters wear in the series, as well as a 35% increase in searches for white numbered T-shirts.)

Before the series made the green uniform a must-have item, the tracksuits already had a strong grip on fashion. Over the past year and a half, heritage brands like Adidas, as well as Instagram-favorite names like Schemes, have seen success with sweatshirts, as lockdowns have brought active clothing to the forefront.

Ahead, options that will make you game-ready for the fall.

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New Balance X Stud Track jacket, $, available at Staud

New Balance X Stud Available at Track Pants, $, Staud

PUMA Track jacket, 6, available at PUMA

PUMA Available at track pants, 6, PUMA

Paradise Kelsey jumpsuit, 6, available in Bandier

Girlfriend Earth Summit track jacket, 6, available at Girlfriend

Girlfriend Earth Summit track pants, 6, available at Girlfriend

Keith Paneled track jacket, $, available at Keith

Keith Available at Calvert Jagger, 6, Keith

G-style Tracksuit set, 6, available in G-style

Corrosion Available at Sweatshirt, 6, Zara with Contrasting Band

Corrosion Available at Jagar Pants, 6, Zara with Band

Champion x Nili Lotan Track jacket, 6, available in Nili Lotan

Champion x Nili Lotan Track pants, 6, available in Nili Lotan

Buhu Color Block Funnel Neck Tracksuit, Available in Buhu

ASOS design Tracksuit, 6, available at ASOS

Adidas X Classic Lego Tracksuit, 6, available on Adidas

FILA x Rowing Blazer Iggy jacket, $, available at Fila

FILA x Rowing Blazer Available at Evertt Jogger, $, Fila

Abercrombie and Fitch Available in Tricot Jackets, R, Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch Available at Tricot Pants, R, Abercrombie and Fitch

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