Top 5 Money Matters for Sorting Freshers Week

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Freshers Week season is underway across the country. If you are a new student starting from yourself for the first time, it can all feel a bit scary. Although you can study at university (and have some fun!), This was probably the first time you had to manage your own money.

Working on a tight budget can be difficult. But it’s not exactly how much money you have to spend in one night that matters. Let’s break down the five money points you need to sort out Freshers Week.

1. Choose your student bank account

This may be the first current account you set up for yourself. And fortunately for you, many banks offer accounts specifically designed for students.

These bank accounts usually include some types of interest-free overdrafts. However, depending on which bank you decide to go for, you can give yourself some more benefits.

For example, HSBC is offering সহ 80 cash incentives to students with its account. Or if you want to go with Santander, you can get yourself a four-year 16-25 railcard.

2. Check your student loan payment

Chances are you have already applied for your student loan and it is better to go. But it’s probably worth checking out:

  • When your first installment will be paid
  • How much will it be
  • It will be paid in any bank account

Once you get your first payment, it’s a good idea to budget yourself for this period. That way you don’t have to spend it all on freshers week!

Writing down what you need to spend on essentials like accommodation and food will give you a good idea of ​​how much you can spend on socialization and course materials.

3. Sort out your content insurance

Brand new laptop? The latest mobile phone? Make sure they are insured!

It may be that these items are covered by your parent’s home insurance policy. With some policies, items are temporarily removed from the family home while you are a student. But it is better to meet your parents first. It can save any panic if it needs to be claimed in the future.

Alternatively, you can take out your own content insurance policy during Freshers Week. Just make sure to include whatever you want to cover. For example, if you are taking your bike to Uni, make sure you tell your insurer.

4. Apply for a discount card

As a student, you can apply for a TOTUM card (formerly known as NUS Extra Card). If you want to start saving directly, it is a good idea to apply for one of these freshers week.

This is for one year card. 14.99, দুই 24.99 for two years and for three years. Costs 34.99. If you get a three year card now, TOTUM is giving you a free last year. This is a bargain at bar 24.99. The card unlocks more than 200 student discounts in the UK.

You may also be interested in 16-25 railcards. This saves you one-third of off-peak train tickets and tube fares. The card costs 30 for one year, or £ 70 for three years.

5. Get yourself free software

Did you know that most students with an academic email address can get a complete office suite from Microsoft for free?

While studying freshers week may not be a priority, there will come a time when you need to reach for your laptop. So why not see if you can sort yourself out with some free software?

You can check if you are eligible by entering your academic email address on the Microsoft Office website.

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