Tom Brady wants his new clothing line to be next Jordan

It is important to plan for retirement. It remains to be seen if that day will come for Tom Brady, but he has begun to lay the groundwork for whatever it is. “I think I’m living two lives,” he said. The Wall Street JournalTuesday Jason Gay. “My football life and then my football next life.” Today, Brady has announced a project he wants to take on in his post-football life: a clothing collection, naturally, Brady.

Brady’s new line is, of course, more than the cooperation of athletes. Instead, it’s an extensive men’s clothing project. Brady teamed up with public school and former DKNY designer Dao-e Chou, as well as Janus Grade, who helped Kim Kardashian-West build her Schemes empire. The first drop of her new line won’t land in Nordstrom until December, and the pictures of the clothes are rare outside of a zip-up jacket she modeled WSJ. It’s a relatively short time-according to a press release, the clothes have been in development for more than three years (or more than one-tenth of Brady’s NFL career).

Although Brady is best known for his field success, he is clever in not limiting himself to sportswear. Football players don’t have the luxury of hoopers, who are able to market their new hot sneakers every night. The last time you hit StockX for the latest Brady X Under Armor sneaker? Brady is known after doing more like Michael Jordan’s Namesake brand WSJ. Brady surely hopes that customers will be interested in wearing his logo in their daily lives as they are Jordan’s Jumpman, which easily travels from solid wood.

Tom Brady’s new clothing line Brady logo for Brady

To promote her new clothing line, Brady is raising her profile as a clother. QB has achieved some fashion feats over the years: she is an ambassador for the watch brand IWC, appeared in an advertisement for Ugs, knows how to wear hell from a suit, and is a semi-frequent Met Gala participant. But Brady is really going for it now, with Balenciaga, Givenchy and Archive Rough Simmons posing mentally. Wife Gisele Bündchen even said WSJ, “She prefers clothes to me. She has a great taste and understands and really cares about what people want, what can help them feel. This is fashion. “

What’s clear about Brady’s clothing line is how he plans to set it up: from one regular friend to another. “The reality is I’m very human,” Brady said (lying). This is where the comparison between Brady and Jordan changes the most sharply. Jordan’s shoes were so desirable and cool because they were associated with something mythical. The kids bought shoes Like Mike, Don’t have to be like Joe Schmor. To create the next Jordan, Brady may have to lean towards his immortality. Which shouldn’t be too difficult for a seven-time Super Bowl winner.

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