Tom Brady is feeding the bad guys, that’s all

The calculation is coming.
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The resurrection of Tom Brady is a hoax.

Don’t buy inside.

Brandy, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback’s idea, perhaps his best season at 44, is a myth.

Many want to impose a false narrative about Brady that they will not look deeply into his ghostly numbers to get a real picture of exactly what Brady is doing.

Take it so far this season, Brady is awesome, but against dilapidated competition. In fact, he has done his best there since joining Tampa Bay from New England.

Brady has been fat on the bad team. In 2000, against a team that finished below .500, Brady had 26 TDs and just three interceptions. He completed 68 percent of the passes in the clip.

Against teams finishing .500 or better, Brady had just 14 touchdowns and a huge nine picks. Its completion rate has come down to 62.6 percent.

If you finish the Las Vegas Riders and the Chicago Bears (both 8-8 or just .500), Brady can only collect nine TDs and get nine INTOs. Its completion rate drops to 60.5 percent.

The pattern has been the same so far this season.

And before you say this pattern is common to all quarterbacks, that’s not right. By comparison, the Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rogers is outstanding against the best teams in the league. In 2020, against 500 or more finished teams, A-Rodg had 1 touch touchdown with four picks and a percent completion rate.

It tells you that Rogers did his best against some of the elite teams in the league.

Brady’s little ones are cheating in numbers, trying to draw fake Mona Lisa to make Brady look beautiful.

The same people who are shouting and insanity over Brady’s numbers showed Rogers’ four-TD performance against the Detroit Lions on Monday night.

In that case, they claimed that it was not a big deal and that the Rogers should have destroyed the lions. They don’t want to give Rogers credit for taking candy from the kids.

The same should be said of Brady. He started the season against two bad teams. The Atlanta Falcons were embarrassing a year ago and are already in midseason form this season. And Brady defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the opener, another bad team who failed to make the playoffs in 2020.

In contrast to these two runs, Brady picked up nine touchdowns and just two picks.

It has written something and said that Brady will win the MVP and on his way to the best season of all time. Some in the media have left the Brady Fanboy box undefeated.

Enough already.

There is a long way to go and Brady will not have a free lunch all season. Ultimately, Brady will have to face good team and good defense. It starts this Sunday when Books play Ram in Los Angeles.

This is where Brady can struggle, and be mortal.

There was also a reason for snatching by the Pro Bowl after Brady threw 40 touchdowns last season. Instead, Rogers, Russell Wilson of Seattle and Kyler Murray of Arizona were called NFC Pro Bowl QB. Brady’s omission was just right.

Honestly, Brady had just one season until the last four games of the year. Brady had 12 touchdowns and one interception against three non-playoff teams. He played the Falcons twice in the last three games.

Before finally being part of the schedule feast, Brady had 28 touchdowns and 11 picks.

And in the previous two games before Brady’s stats got thicker, he lost five touchdowns and four pick-to-backs against good teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and The Rams.

In the NFC Championship game, Brady was lucky again. He threw three touchdowns, but also got three picks, completed just 56 percent of his passes and had a QB rating of 73.8.

Don’t you believe Brady was lucky? This is the fourth time Brady has thrown three hurdles in the single elimination setting. But his record in those games is 3-1. Every other quarterback with this dubious achievement has a combined 20-123.

In the NFC play-offs, across three games, Brady had seven touchdowns and three INTs and he completed 55 percent of his passes.

Eventually, the dust will clear and Brady fanboys will see that his numbers are smoky.

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