Tom Brady Documentary: Full schedule for ESPN ‘Man in the Arena’ series featuring all 10 Super Bowls

Has anyone ordered an extra serving of Tom Brady?

The Buccaneers quarterback (and his seven Super Bowl wins) is the subject of a 10-episode dossier beginning Tuesday, November 16, chronicling his life and times in the NFL.

Each episode of the series covers a Brady Super Bowl run, which can give new and fresh information, considering how tough Brady and the Patriots were during the lion’s share of the TB12 at Foxboro.

Produced by Religion of Sport, the ESPN + series includes various interviews with Brady’s past and present figures, including Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and others.

Here’s what you need to know about Docsari:

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Tom Brady Documentary Schedule

The Tom Brady documentary will be aired exclusively on ESPN +, ESPN’s streaming service, starting Tuesday, November 16th. A new episode will debut every Tuesday after the November 16 debut, ending in mid-January, as the Buccaneers will probably be waiting for another Super Bowl appearance under Brady.

Here is the full schedule:

Date Part Time
November 18 Episode 1 9 a.m. ET
November 23 Episode 2 9 a.m. ET
November 30 Episode 3 9 a.m. ET
December 7 Episode 4 9 a.m. ET
December 14 Episode 5 9 a.m. ET
December 21 6th episode 9 a.m. ET
28 December Episode 7 9 a.m. ET
4 January Episode 8 9 a.m. ET
11 January Episode 9 9 a.m. ET
January 18 Episode 10 9 a.m. ET

Each episode will be followed by “Inside the Arena”, a behind-the-scenes and discussion of the previous episode, as well as live streaming on ESPN +. The show will be hosted by former Patriots linebacker Teddy Bruchi and NFL analyst Field Yates.

On Wednesday, “After the Arena,” another post-show wrap-up, will flow through the ESPN app and ESPN’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube handles. The show will be hosted by Shae Cornette, Jason Fitz, and Skubie Mageza.

In addition to streaming programming, the “Man in the Arena” podcast series hosted by Gotham Chopra will hit podcasting services on November 16.

How to watch ‘Man in the Arena’ live

Each episode of the “Man in the Arena” documentary will be aired exclusively on ESPN +, ESPN’s streaming service, starting Tuesday, November 16. ESPN has not yet revealed whether the series will be available in the family of its TV networks

Each episode following the debut will air on Tuesday at 9pm with the series ending.

How to Live Stream Tom Brady Documentary

The series will be broadcast exclusively on ESPN +, the official ESPN streaming service. Unlike “The Last Dance”, there is no word on whether the show will air on the network’s ESPN family.

New members can sign up for ESPN + for 6.99 per month. ESPN + is also part of the Disney + bundle, which includes Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu (with ads) for $ 13.99 or ul 19.99 per month for Hulu (no ads).

Click here to learn about the different pricing and bundling options with the ESPN + platform

What is ‘Man in the Arena’?

Each episode of the Tom Brady Documentary describes the occurrence of one of the 10 Super Bowls, part of which was Brady, the miraculous Super Bowl starting with 36 runs which gave birth to the TB12 era in the NFL.

Each episode features interviews and insights with Brady, as well as others who have somehow been the best in his career. Some of the interviews include: Drew Bladeso, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Bill O’Brien, Wes Welker, Randy Moss and Payton Manning.

(Note that Bill Belichick is, obviously, absent.)

“This series shows how incredible the journey has been for me over the last 22 years and the incredible people who have influenced me on this amazing journey,” Brady said in a press release. “It’s an inner vision of how this journey has helped me create the man I am today.”

Man in the Arena trailer

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