To save America, Durham must unravel the whole Russiagate story and punish the culprits.

By Roger L. Simon

Some more information has come out of the investigation about John Durham Russiagate (or “Spygate”) as it is known here.

This is probably due to one or more targets being leaked to their loyal preachers on CNN. (In the article, journalists do all the “dirty tricks” they can to minimize the scandals they’ve complained about over the years.

The import of this leak is usually to soften the effect of the target (s), but it gives us one more indication that Durham is still active.

In this instance, some more subpenas have been issued, some of which include Parkinson’s. It’s the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s law firm that was defunct just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons, but we can guess – one of Hillary’s top lawyers, Mark Elias.

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Another Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Susman, has been accused of lying to the FBI about Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia’s Alpha Bank, which has been shown to be non-existent.

This time, however, we learn that Susman’s allegation is that “Tech Executive-1” is Rodney Joff, rather than a prominent cybersecurity expert, but not in this case because he was apparently involved in a fraud attempt.

Joffy was obviously not a fan of Donald Trump. We will see how far he has taken his enmity.

Or we won’t. That’s where the problem lies. Many worry that Durham will only investigate so far and then Peter will be out.

A real Russiagate investigation has numerous potential targets of very famous names, some famous, in fact. Yet the negativity about the results makes some sense in conservative circles everywhere.

When then-Attorney General William Barr gave a brief account of his life in Durham, he was quoted in The Hill (March 2020) as follows:

“Attorney General William Barr said Monday that he does not expect a criminal investigation into former President Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden as a result of the investigation by US Attorney John Durham.

“Based on the information I received today, I do not expect Mr. Durham’s work to lead to a criminal investigation into any person,” Bar told reporters at the Judiciary. ‘Our concerns about potential crime are focused on others.’

Looks pretty weak, so no, with some people, too big for investigation, surrounded by a cordon sanitary.

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Yet there are rumors that Jack Sullivan is at least in doubt about Alpha Bank. During the defeat in Afghanistan, Sullivan served as his national security adviser, one of the most powerful positions in the country (cf).

How reasonable is Sullivan’s suspicion? Paul Sperry wrote in the Real Clear Investigation: “The allegations allege that Susman, as well as cyber experts, were recruited for the operation. ‘Sullivan was one of those campaign agents, according to an email from Durham.

Biden himself was said to have recommended the old and rarely used Logan law বান it was valuable to find out how he knew about it, but whatever-attempts to punish retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn were often discussed, but the Obama administration The Oval Office meeting at Tail End (January 5, 2017) was not fully disclosed.

Is that meeting, emailed by Susan Rice a few weeks after Obama’s apparent rejection of the presidency, worth further investigation – or is it out of bounds? We do not know.

Yes, there are many reasons to be skeptical. The Sullivan issue has rarely been discussed in the mainstream media, although potential miscreants are national security advisers.

Is everything being sent to the memory hole? Who is responsible for all this? We don’t even know that, although we have speculations about that.

But it is for us to know ultimately. Durham must continue its investigation to the end, because Russiagate has clearly marked the beginning of the end of our democratic republic as we know it.

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From the endless Covid-1 lockdown in Afghanistan to the open border to the violence on our streets and. All the misdeeds, starting from the absurd propaganda and bizarre arrests around January, go back to it, not to mention the 2020 election, in one way or another.

None of these things happened the way they did. Some things didn’t happen at all.

Russiagate was a crime whose quantity and import dwarfed Watergate and that supposed scandal made the subject of Hollywood movies, although it is relatively important, comparatively, – bought in Eleven.

Yet Nixon and others paid badly. Rarely has anyone been punished here beyond the amount of slapping on the wrist.

So what can we do? Can we just sit back on the word, maybe add a few snaps here and there, and let Durham do his job, hoping for the best?

I said no. We all have a role to play. Durham is a man like the rest of us. Consciously or unconsciously, if he knows we are watching, he will behave differently than he thinks we are sleeping.

Stay as active as possible to talk and lobby about this. You don’t have to be a so-called elite or an anchorman at ABC to do this. You just have to be a conscious citizen, an honest man or woman. Keep talking about it with friends and foes. Show with a mark in an inconvenient (for them) place. Put it on the internet, text everyone you know or think of. Discuss it in signals and telegraphs. Never let Russiagate forget. Put it in the zeitgeist there and put it there.

The mainstream / legacy media is not going to do that. They will be as vague as possible. We have to do it. It’s up to us. If we don’t, there’s no reason for us to complain when it goes down the memory hole – and with that our country.

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If we want to save our republic, two things are most important for us to move forward. And real integrity for our broken choices.

Work with that too. There are already many. The two walk hand in hand.

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