TM Tebo is analyzing NCAA football better than the NFL

K Brang Ya, stay with Tim.

K Brang Ya, stay with Tim.
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Resident Homer and Florida Gates legend Tim Tebo reminded everyone why everything about his Scottish would always and forever be more suitable for a college football platform.

Gates before fighting Alabama early in the season On Saturday’s SEC showdown, Tibo made a rather bold prediction using his airtime.

Screw objectivity in matchup analysis; Tebo went for the bragging rights and not only chose Florida to win but said they would put a “hoopin” in the Alabama in the Gainsville Wetlands. Of course, we all knew where Tebo would go with his choice, but the way he did it clearly explains why Tebo was born on the college football stage.

Florida may have won this match, Tebo was able to make his speech in the Gator Locker Room in front of the players and coaches before heading to the field. The Gators were still terribly close to beating No. 1 Alabama, very low at 31-29. Had it not been for the 21-3 deficit in the first quarter of this game, the Florida taboos would have had a great chance to live up to their predictions. After the first quarter, the Gators pushed the Crimson Tide 26-10 from the rest of the game. The 18-point hole that Florida dug was a bit steep to get out completely.

Tabo’s enthusiastic and insistent speech Just re-established why the team never thought of doing anything related to working in the NFL again. He must know that his playing day is over (right?). But excluding the game, if an NFL team offers a coaching position or even a spot in the front office, just don’t say, team. Just don’t say! Taboo has to look at the NFL in the same way as he does drugs and stays away. It is in everyone’s best interest that Tebow only work with college football for the next 75 years.

This kind of drama show goes well in professional football when you are a complete baller or a winner. Gathering troops draws the attention of NFL players if you can bring it back to the field. In the NFL, Tebo never did that At a high enough level. Of course, Tebo had a pretty regular season in 2011 and even led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win. After that, Tebo hung around the league for years and expected the last shot to be a QB in the beginning. That opportunity never happened. And we recently saw how stretched Tabo was to make an NFL comeback at this stage of his life. The team could not come back Trained by the head coach of his college, Urban mayor.

A long pro career never seemed to be on the taboo card. But at the college level, Tebo is a legend and the NFL will never be taken on the platform in such a way. Heck, he even appeared Hizman House Advertising with winners like Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders. He’s really at home in the college’s home rank.

I’ll give Tebow credit though, he’s not afraid to put his foot out of the box and try something different, Whatever the outside world thinks. Watch his MLB run among the minors. Tibo is a different kind of cat. Hopefully, the team now understands where his football home should be and for the long haul.

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