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Drunk Elephant, one of our favorite clean skin, body and hair care brands, can now be found in reverse beauty উভ both in stores and online. This means you can shop for your favorite drunken elephant products at Ulta stores across the country, while using Ultimate Reward Points for future purchases.

“We are delighted to welcome the drunken elephant into the Ulta Beauty family,” said Monica Arnaudo, Ulta Beauty’s Chief Merchandising Officer. “Drunk Elephant is an incredible brand that focuses on skin health from head to toe and we know our guests will be thrilled to explore the brand’s offerings, embrace its philosophy and have fun along the way!”

Drunk elephants are best known for their products without essential oils, silicones, perfumes or dyes to help keep skin healthy and balanced. Since the company’s initial launch in 2013 (with just six products), the head-to-toe beauty brand is now a full-fledged head among celebrities like Christina Ricky, who hydrated with drunken elephant C-Pharma Fresh Day and B-Hydra Intensive’s Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil. Serum.

If you’re not yet familiar with Drunk Elephant’s distorted product assortment or are in the market for new essentials to add to your routine, we’ve put together a selection of brands to try right now. Below are the products that beauty lovers are obsessed with.

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