Tijo Touchdown’s nail hair is taking her to the top

Tijo Touchdown seems to be the wildest musician who has entered the fashion world for a long time. His music is wide – not mixed – rap, emo and power pop. He made low-fi videos of life on the streets and in his native Texas and posted them on Instagram, all part of a campaign that he called “liberation from the middle” to remove moderation from his life and fight for generosity. And every morning, she and her team paint her hair with about 15-pound construction nails. Throughout the day, the value of one pound or two will decrease. I wondered: Is the style heavy?

“Life is heavy,” he said in a phone call last week. “I get this question a lot. I also get, ‘How do you sleep?’ But I never get, ‘Hey, those nails will take you to the top.’ Which I wish, because every time everyone says something like, ‘Yeah, does your neck or back hurt?’ So I want to say: Please start talking positively about my nails, because whatever is said on the nails happens. ”

Tijo Touchdown in Matthew Williams’ new film for Manzler.Courtesy of Moncler.

The manifestation of Tejo’s nail-driven success has been fruitful. He had a feature in Tyler, The Creators Call me if you get lost, And will join the tour in early 2022. “Tijo is really very unique, but especially in his approach to music and visuals,” Williams wrote in an email. “And being [able] One of the things that exchanges and creates together is what turns the Moncler Genius presentation into such a special moment.

The event was part of a global festival called Mondo Genius একটি a five-city presentation collaborating with eleven designers under Moncler’s Genius program, who bring the brand’s lung performance wear to their runway ends. Jonathan Anderson showed a short film directed by Luca Guadagnino in Milan, for example, Veronica Leoni hosted a concert with Solange on the Upper East Side of New York. Williams made a film with Tejo that debuted on Saturday, focusing on “Dystopian uniforms”, as the designer said, he continues to develop for Moncler. Williams added, “We have new shapes, such as sleeveless pieces and thigh-high boots and glasses that complete the evolution of the silhouette of the new and previous collections.”

Courtesy of Moncler.
Courtesy of Moncler.
Courtesy of Moncler.

With Williams ’tough edge and Tizo’s orthodox commitment to attention and sensitivity to originality, the pair found a quick relationship. They were connected about a year ago, but finally met in person earlier this month. “We had a conversation over some water,” Tijo said with a smile. “I was, it’s crazy that I’m sitting in your kitchen, throwing nails everywhere, and then you’re across the table, doing this rockstar thing until fashion. But here we are, sitting quietly on this glass of water!

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