Thursday Night Football Fanduel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Advice for Week 3 Panther-Texans Single Game Tournament

The Panthers took to the streets for the first time on Week 3 Thursday to face the Texans in night football. While the Panthers are looking for a 3-0 start behind a strong defense and exciting offense, the Texans are looking to stay in first place in their division. This is your chance to catch up with Christian McCaffrey in your NFL DFS lineup. He can be our closest to 100% owned And Fanduel is the “MVP’d” player for the single game competition, but there is no appeal to join the sail for jigging in this jag.

Here are the important scoring settings for the Fanduel single-game competition: The total points of the “MVP” are multiplied by 1.5, but it doesn’t cost any extra money like the “Captain” in the Draftkings showdown competition. The default scoring of the fundraiser Half-point PPR And Four-point passing TD, And there No. Bonus for 100/300-yard games like DraftKings.

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Fanduel Single-Game DFS Pix: Panther vs. Texans

With a budget of $ 60,000, each team needs at least one player

MVP (1.5x points): Arabic Christian McCaffrey, Panthers ($ 17,500)

Maybe you want to be pretty and put Sam Darnald the name of your MVP in a lineup or two, but we’re going to keep it simple. McCaffrey is screaming for another 1,000 / 1,000 seasons, so why not lock in its production multiplier?

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Flex: QB Sam Darnald, Panthers (15,000)

Darnald has started his new excavation, saving a few soft turnovers. With several dynamic weapons to target and his own fleet of legs, Darnold has the ingredients needed to cook a delicious fantasy performance. It doesn’t hurt that McCaffrey is such a good receiver that we can “stack” our QB even though we don’t have Panther WR or TE.

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Flex: QB Davis Mills, Panther ($ 12,000)

It probably won’t be nice for Mills, but the “garbage time” points are a real thing in fantasy football. If the Texans prove to be a tougher challenge than expected at their home ground, we’ve probably spent some part of Friday talking about the tiered Taylor (hamstring) who is missing a role at the start of another of his rookie quarterbacks.

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FLEX: K Zane Gonzalez, Panthers (9,500)

The Panthers offensive line has lost a starter this week and has fought occasionally throughout the first two games of the season. As long as the line suffers from leakage, the offense may see the drive stall and be forced to settle for a three-point effort. Hitting the road in a few weeks will not help the gelling process. Even if the Panthers score a good amount of TD, Gonzalez will get PAT and at least a few FG efforts.

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Flex: WR Anthony Miller, Texans ($ 5,500)

Miller is expected to be active for the first time this season, and he may have to deal with the injuries the Texans have inflicted on their receiving corps. At $ 5,500, it’s worth a shot to see if Miller could emerge as a safety blanket for his Rookie quarterback.

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