Thousands take part in “Mandate Free Maui” protest against tyranny in Hawaii

Thousands of participants gathered in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday to call for the closure of the “Mandate Free Maui” march and all Kovid mandates to participate in the rally.

Bruce Douglas organized the “Mandate Free Maui” to combine vaccines and non-vaccines to demand freedom of treatment of choice and “no restaurant wax pass discrimination”

Concerned grassroots activists and local business owners came together to support the event. Passports are mandatory for business owners to check at the door, as well as a 75% to 50% reduction in capacity and facing other orders. The science and data being used to justify these orders is inconsistent and inaccurate from SO-Cold Experts.

A resident of Maui approached Gateway Pandit about their current situation in Hawaii.

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“Please help us and spread the word. Hundreds of Maui patriots are working hard to awaken the people here. They are asleep. It is very frustrating and defeated. But in the last few weeks, neutral patriotic efforts have begun to work. We are making a tooth. Public support brings tears to your eyes when you see it. Thank you for any help in spreading the word. Hawaii is a big deal. Total Draconian. We need help.

It’s a big deal. It went from hundreds to thousands of supporters. Please help us. We need coverage to grow. This is all grassroots. Just love the country and the consciousness of light. We will come here with hope, the darkness of Maui.

On another note, we own “The Gym Maui”, one of the largest gyms in Hawaii here. Owner Paul Romero is a legendary outsider and ultra-athlete. He refused to let the police and health department try to close the gym more than once. Her son holds the world record. It’s just to illustrate that we are deeply connected to the community and fighting against it with whatever we have. Thank you again. “

Maui Nao reports:

A mandate-free Maui march and rally attracted thousands of participants who stood in a walking line from the War Memorial Stadium to the Kahulumanu Avenue junction to Kahului Beach Road. Witnesses estimated at more than a thousand people, when organizers said the event began at 10 a.m. Saturday and drew an estimated 3,000 people in two hours.

The event was held in solidarity with World Demonstration Day, a joint vaccination and non-vaccination for the desired treatment freedom. The organizers have made two demands: (1) to stop the vaccine pass in restaurants; And (2) calling for the closure of all coveted mandates.

Bruce Douglas, who acted as the event’s logistics coordinator, stressed that the rally was not an “anti-vaccination” event.

“It was an incredible manifestation of the dedication from the 3,000,000 people that we are all sharing their voices against this horrible order. It was a march to bring together vaccinated and non-vaccinated people for freedom of medical choice. Many people have expressed that they have felt alone … People have made connections, felt solidarity and felt that there is some hope in hearing their voices. It’s important that the voices of the people are heard, “said Douglas.


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