Thousands marched on the Supreme Court in March to demand an abortion trial

Not only does the Supreme Court have a record low approval rating, thousands of people have moved forward with their steps today.


NBC News reported, “There are thousands The man behind me at the moment. They are marching From Pennsylvania Avenue The Supreme Court, and that is Intentional. They are hoping to send a message To the judges When they Recall to new term Monday that they are here and They have been allowed and they Want to see the judges To protect Abortion Rights. ”

There are 5,050 processions across the United States on Saturday for the abortion trial. In contrast, pro-Trump forces could join hundreds of people in support of their rally for domestic terrorists.

The human will looks like this:

People are demanding freedom and justice. There is no greater freedom than the right to determine what happens in your own body.

The Supreme Court’s record low approval rating is 40%. Conservative judges have embarked on public relations campaigns claiming they are not biased.

The real America is in DC today, and they are demanding abortion justice.

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