This fall, it’s all about the fashion blanket

Autumn is here, and that crisp autumn cold is right around the corner. Perhaps you’ve already chosen a fun cardigan sweater, an easily wearable blazer, or any number of fly-and-fall accessories. If so, good for you! But what about your home – do you have a comfortable blanket to call? If not, you’re in luck because recent collections from several designers and labels have revealed high-style tweaks for your choice.

Designer-co-signed blankets have been on the rise for the past few years. Especially Homi Silver. Designer Emily Bode throws the scene and takes the dust from the antique store into fashion on demand. In Calvin Klein’s short-lived Rough Simmons era, the Kardashians were posed with silver which you can now get plenty of discounts on the Nordstrom rack. And while quilted home-core aesthetics have only had an impact, other types of blankets have begun to rise above the shelves. And the best blankets of the season don’t feel like trend hopping but rather a natural extension of the brands they create.

Elder Statesman’s Crossed Kashmir Blanket.

Courtesy The Elder Statesman

Los Angeles-based The Elder Statesman’s Luxurious Blanket, a label that started making luxury throws but is now best known for its trip-out (still luxurious) Kashmir sweaters, is sure to stop any household guest on their tracks. One handkinite crochet blanket has more color than can be counted and the other has bright stripes and oversized stitches. (An added bonus: pillows and cushions.) This down-filled nylon blanket from Rick Owens seems to be one of the designer’s more avant-garde coats. Both JW Anderson and Lowe (labels that share Jonathan Anderson’s creative-craft-loving creative director) include eye-catching blankets in their collections. One can find blankets from every corner of the fashion spectrum: from upcycling-centric designer Greg Lauren to timeless basic brand APC to streetwear staple stacy.

Who else but Rick Owens?

Courtesy of SSENSE

The most refreshing part of this whole thing is that most don’t play into the coiled home-core look, but rather create blankets and fit into their established brand universe. So, if you like Stacey’s graphic tees, you’ll probably be in their billiard-decorated blankets. Fans of JW Anderson’s cowardly knitwear? Then throwing the brand’s arty wool is probably for you. Think of it as a cool sweater for your couch. Cool weather means more time indoors and definitely adding a chic blanket to flatten your indoor play. Come on January, you’ll be happy.

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