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On September 1, 2021, Cassar software developer and co-founder, James Lopp, announced a new project called that searches through congressional financial disclosures and records them in a database. Lopp said the goal is to create “more transparency around Bitcoin ownership” and so far he has analyzed about 13% of congressional financial disclosures.

Jameson Lop has launched the Bitcoin Politician project

Nowadays bitcoin-owning politicians have become a growing trend in the last few years as opposed to the first days when bureaucrats regularly criticized the concept. There are certainly many politicians who hate bitcoin and the crypto economy, but now lawmakers are starting to see the benefits of technology and there are many bureaucrats in different countries who now own leading crypto assets.

Members of Congress and other U.S. federal leaders will have to disclose their money to the public, as was the case with recent Federal Reserve officials and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. The founder of Casa Jameson Lop launched a new project called that seeks to record bitcoin ownership among U.S. bureaucrats.

The purpose of is to “create more transparency around the ownership of Bitcoin.”

“Based on public financial disclosures, we can find out which politicians in Congress really have the skin to play,” the website explains. “Since searching through financial disclosure can be a time-intensive process, the goal of this project is to crowd the work source.” Lopp description in a Tweets He analyzed 13% of 538 reports originating from the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. Executive Branch.

Lop hopes the crypto community will help end the rest of the reports to get a more accurate list of bitcoin-containing U.S. politicians. “I estimate that the remaining 355 members of Congress at need about an hour of labor to research and meet for financial disclosure,” Lop added on Tuesday. “A whole week’s work for a single contributor, but much less if a dozen people publish 10.”

Only one politician with 13% analysis has been named so far

When scanning the list of U.S. bureaucrats from the Senate, House, and Executive Branch, a large number of enlisted politicians have a “no” or a question mark next to their names. This means that the person must not own Bitcoin by his or her own testimony or that the financial disclosure of the politician at the moment has not yet been assessed by Lop or members of the community. There is only one “yes” sign next to the listed politicians and that person is Republican Cynthia Lumis.

Currently, at the time of publication, Republican Cynthia Lummis is the only owner of Bitcoin on the list.

According to Lop’s website, Lumis owns about $ 100K – $ 250K Bitcoin (BTC). However, Lop’s website mentions that Republican Patrick Tommy Grayscale owns the products GBTC and ETHE. reveals some American bureaucrats who own gold like Republican Mitt Romney who owns $ 250K- $ 500K gold bullion. Republican Joshua Howley owns the Gold Trust for K 1K to K 15K.

Just because the list of loops has not been fully analyzed does not mean that Lummis is the only owner of Bitcoin. When the revelations take place in full, there may be a few more U.S. bureaucrats who have revealed that they own top crypto assets.

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