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Nina Garcia: Your fall collection was a tribute to Broadway. How did that love affair start for you?

Michael Kors: It was the first music I saw Annie get your gun, With Ethel Merman. I was five years old then. I had no idea who Ethel Mormons was. I fell in love with it. And I think I liked the fact that as long as you transport somewhere else.

Michael Corse 2021 Fall

The Fall 2021 show, which began in the winter and ended at the Schubert Theater, was a tribute to Broadway.

Corey Tenold

Garcia: You started with the best of the best.

Course: It’s like the first dress you wore was the dress. And the funny thing is, it comes in a whole circle. The most iconic song of many on that show is “There’s no such thing as a show business.” So when we were talking to Rufus Wainwright [who performed at Kors’s show], I said, “I want it to be in New York, a love letter for acting.” Fashion is like an entertainment business. Sometimes it hurts you, but there’s no such thing as a show business.

New York has always been such a colorful picture, and the epidemic has brought out the color. Because our office is in Midtown and we go to the theater so often, all of a sudden I think New York City’s heartbeat hasn’t stopped completely, but it has really slowed down. And so I said, “You know what? It’s about coming out again and making everything a special occasion. ”

Hello Dolly tickets to Michael Kors

Designer tickets Hello, Dolly! Since 1967.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Garcia: It was an unprecedented collection. It was Michael’s best of all, and you felt Broadway’s inspiration. Many designers do not have the ability to transport us like you. You took us to Aspen, St. Barts, Capri. You took us to Broadway. You have the ability to be a storyteller without all sorts of craftsmanship on the runway. You don’t need all set design; It’s just music. It’s your clothes. The way you put this show together. But I know, even though you have taken us to all these destinations, your first music and your everlasting music is New York.

Course: Always. Where was the fastest life? Here in New York. And of course, during the epidemic, we all got used to running so fast and suddenly we stopped ourselves. I think it made everyone more appreciative so when you go back to the office, it’s a special occasion. You want to come out and look awesome. I don’t think anyone would want to go to the theater after a flip-flop. I also think eating out has taken the idea of ​​street theater to a whole new level. We joke that when we go to dinner, I want to bring a number card like I say to the Olympics: “10s across the board.” Looks like you’re looking at a conventional exhibition.

Portrait of Michael Kors

Cors in 2011 at his favorite New York City.

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Garcia: You always find the silver lining. And you always get stronger, Michael. Just like the city.

Course: My favorite person in the theater has always been Stephen Sandham. And of course Sondime said it best: “I’m still here.” You just keep going.

Garcia: Have you ever thought, “I’ve been in business for 40 years?”

Course: Honestly, I’m still feeling 22. To me, the ultimate modern fairy tale Working girl. When I met Melania Griffith, I told her, “I’m a little Tess McGill.” And he said, “What do you mean? Do you have a head for business and something for sin?” And I said, “The main point of the character was that Tess McGill was always thinking of new ways to do things. And I think it’s a very. New York Attitude.Mike Nichols knew in this movie that the people of New York don’t answer.

Michael Kors and Betty Midler

Kors is celebrating his 30th anniversary with Betty Midler in 2011.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Garcia: If I were a tourist coming to New York, what would you put on my to-do list?

Course: You have to go to Yankee Stadium and watch a game, and then eat at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Then have a Sunday brunch of bagels and smoked salmon: if you’re in the suburbs, Barney Greengrass. If you’re in town, Rush and daughter. Carlyle has a cocktail, then go to Bergdorf Goodman and go through the main floor and feel like Barbara Streisand in a television special. Then go downtown and get lost in West Village and sing Broadway tunes in Mary’s Crisis. Go to Chinatown for vague figures. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, because it’s the strangest thing to do, and go to the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights and look up at the sky. And you have to go to Connie Island. My grandmother lived there and I grew up. Talk about a combination of different people. Nothing is more imaginative than this. So yeah, I would have that weird mix. I’ll be Bergdorf and Hot Dog

Michael Corse and husband Lance Lepper

Cors and husband Lance Lepier played a Yankees game in 2018.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Garcia: What is the future of New York?

Course: I think we’re going to explode creativity from young people. I think people will actually be able to go back to town. It will be more affordable. Young entrepreneurs and creative people will be able to start their own business. And I think we are going to see this resurgence of youth. Because I have to say, when I take to the streets of New York, what an incredible moment it will be here at the age of 25 and the city will be back again. When people now say to me, “When you moved to New York, weren’t you scared?” I say, “No, I was excited about the possibility.” Anything can happen.

Garcia: What would you say to all those who have left New York and are thinking of returning?

Course: We all need to be here to celebrate the wonderful potential of this city. And this applies to cities around the world. For me, I still feel a rush of heart as I climb the Queens-Midtown tunnel on the Long Island Expressway, because when I was growing up in the suburbs, New York City meant anything was possible. Each of us must understand that this magic of creativity and energy is something you cannot imitate. So you have to come back.

New York, Michael Kors style

Favorite Broadway show

      • Some of Stephen Sunderheim

        NYC Playlist

        • Billy Joel, “New York State of Mind”
          • Liza Minelli, “New York, New York”
            • Compiled by J-Z Alicia Kiss, “Empire State of Mind”

              NYC streaming row

                      Top three elements of NYC style

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