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Watches: Vacharan Konstantin’s foreign “Everest” dual time and chronograph

The single best thing about these watches is: Pieces designed specifically for climbing Everest can now be yours.

Backstory: In 2019, American explorer and photographer Corey Richards climbs Everest – already the world’s most famous treacherous mountain – more difficult. He had already reached the top of the hill twice without oxygen. Now, he wanted to try a new path on the northeastern face of Everest. It was a big deal: there are only 18 different paths to Everest. For his voyage, Richards brought a friend: a Vacation Constantine alien dual time prototype. One watch after another was so popular that it went up for auction at Philips the same year and sold for 6 106,250 (the proceeds went to the National Geographic Society). There was a sudden similarity between Richards and the interested watch collectors: they both needed a new path to get to where they wanted to go.

Foreign Chronograph Corey Richards Everest3

Richards and his climbing partner eventually had to bail out through their 2019 effort but over the years this increase has continued to pay dividends for the watch community. This week, Vacron Constantine announced that it would create a limited number of Everest foreign models based on Richards’ prototype. While the Vachron is known for its bright tuxedo-friendly clothing watches, the pair prove that the brand can also launch great sports pieces. The watches come with the rocky mountain-ready features you want: the titanium case, the “granular” finish on the dials and the orange accent that echoes another handsome sporting part.

Watch World Everest: Everest has long been a source of inspiration for watch brands – or at least a way for manufacturers to prove their piece of work. 1 Sir5 in When Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to climb Mount Everest, he did so while wearing the Rolex Oyster forever. The version of Hillary’s watch eventually inspired the brand’s Explorer model, which sold out as a credit to Rolex Mountaineering. Bremont put on a mountaineer Nirmal Puja in his watches when he tried to scale the world, including Everest, at a record time of 1,000,000 meters plus mountains. Even clocks that can never manage to climb are fun: Jacob & Co. made a watch that had real rock from Everest earlier this year. This new pair of Vacheron watches proves that almost seven decades later, there is still some magic in the mountains for watch brands and collectors alike.

Foreign Chronograph Corey Richards Everest3

Where and when to buy it: Vacheron Constantin Overseas “Everest” Dual Time ($ 31,300) and Chronograph ($ 37,000) are now available exclusively at Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.

Everest overseas dual time3

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