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Why taxes on share buybacks can actually raise stock prices

Companies often use capital to repurchase shares of excess value, which hits earnings. Read more

New and higher tax pressures by Biden and Congress will hurt stock investors and consumers

Companies raise taxes to customers, while capital-gain tax increases penalize long-term shareholders. Read more

These stock trading signs can tell you when the market is buying or selling excess

Review RSI and MACD in light of recent US market weakness. Read more

Keep a ‘collar’ of your stock to protect yourself from a market correction

An alternative strategy to using a collar that can give you negative protection for a small price. Read more

The most accurate stock market forecast was released this week. The next 10 years don’t look good

A Federal Reserve report showed that Americans have a higher allocation to equities, an inverse indicator that indicates weaker returns. Read more

Market analysts cannot agree on where the stocks are going next. So double check the data before you buy or sell

Expectations and hopes are not included in a smart investment strategy. Read more

In 2017 I wrote that U.S. stocks were not overvalued. This is still true.

Why the 10-year outlook for stocks is much more interesting than bonds. Read more

When the stock market pulls back, keep buying – especially these five companies

Feelings have faded too. Consider shares of Microsoft, ConocoPhillips and Yam China. Read more

‘Buy dives’ is a terrific stock market strategy এবং and these charts prove it

Market dips, especially large dips, are rare. Read more

Which asset is the perfect inflation hedge?

The answer depends on what you mean by ‘inflation hedge’. Read more

This is why this very successful growth investor no longer owns Tesla shares

Dennis Lynch, head of Counterpoint Global, points to Morgan Stanley Investment Management, unit economics. Read more

Nancy Davis wants to be the ‘vanguard of turbulence’ as she launches a new low-cost fixed-income ETF

Every week we pick up news of timely exchange-traded funds from new launches to inflows and performance. Read more

These stocks are in the beer-market area, but Wall Street expects them to rise to 68%.

More than 100 large-cap stocks are at least 20% of their 52-week high. But analysts prefer Micron Technology, Activation Blizzard and Read more

3 Dividend-Payment Stock rated ‘A’ for security

The last thing an investor wants is a company that is cutting its dividends. Read more

Engine No. 1 says its new representation on ExxonMobil’s board has already achieved a victory

Exxon has lowered new long-term production targets, says the CEO of Engine No.1. Read more

Solar power and water shortages may define our future but it may not be a good investment for them

Financial advisors provide tips on smart ESG investment strategies. Read more

3 questions to ask your financial advisor if you are serious about sustainable investing

“If they just picked up a fund in his name, anyone could do it.” Read more

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