There is no equality in college football

No matter how many teams the NCAA A playoff force, we’re just going to end up with Georgia and Alabama.
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As a college football fan, I urge everyone to please stop.

The same story happens every year when pundits and college football chiefs on Twitter advise a team to take a shot that has no business for the title, as eye tests clearly show that they are not equal to the two best teams on FBS.

This year we are having the same cycle again. Georgia and Alabama are far from and far better than other teams in college football, but we’ll spend a few weeks talking about the other two teams that could fill those two play-off spots.

Georgia have just closed out a team in the top ten and are down to close to 40 points with a backup quarterback. Alabama Lane embarrassed one of the best offensive minds in all of college football in Kiffin, with one team in the top 15.

There is no real equality in college football at the moment. No matter how much we like to think it.

As long as the recruiting rankings are in favor of the same four to five teams per season, nothing will change, because the talents will still be admitted to those universities.

So we’re wasting time opening the playoffs More Which teams don’t have shots when they win? And more importantly, why are we making these young athletes face more punishment in their bodies and forcing them to play more free games (which is still the case for many, even in the case of NIL) because of the potential harm to their future?

In Seven years In the playoffs, there was never a competitive 1 vs. 4 gramsame To be honest, there are only 2 vs. 3 games here that make you think the four teams were worth going to the playoffs.

And not that the debate will go away. Every year some will feel humiliated, you put it in four or expand it into 64 groups.

I’m not stupid about the fact that it’s a TV money and potential broadcast deal that could play out if you extend the playoffs. I got it. This is why what I am saying will probably be a key point in the next few years.

Schools need to do what they can to raise as much capital as possible so that they can be prepared to pay these players when one of them sues for compensation. Perhaps this is a big reason why these schools have started to form these super conferences.

At some point, you need to understand when you have a good thing, and college football right now has a four-team play-off and a regular season that basically serves as a double-elimination tournament.

There is still conspiracy, pressure, tension and competition.

You don’t have to make a fuss about it.

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