There is evidence that Republicans are killing their own voters with cowardice

In the counties where Trump won 70% of the vote, the Covid mortality rate was 7. times higher than the count2% victory.

More people died in Covid in the county where Trump won big

David Leonhard of the New York Times tweeted:

Republicans are killing their voters with cowardice

It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand that in a county where Trump has won 7 out of every 10 votes, nearly five times as many people are dying because of covid. When this information is combined with the fact that countless Americans are Republicans, the conclusion is that the GOP has killed many of their voters as a result of the Republican politics of the epidemic.

The same dynamics are going on with the Republican-passed voter repression bills. As a result of the race for the extreme right in the Republican Party, the GOP has adopted a policy that harms or kills its own voters.

When the Republicans’ position on the epidemic is referred to as the Death Cult, the numbers above are discussed.

Republicans like Trump and his acclaimed Red State governors are more likely to “win” the Democrats in the plague than to kill their constituents.

Killing your own voters is a defeated strategy, but Republicans in the red part of the country are doing just that.

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