There is a right way – and a wrong way – to swallow the news

Keeping an eye on market and economic news can help you maintain a reasonable expectation of risk, which can help you stick to your long-term plan.

Here are 4 ways to get what you need (and nothing more) from the news.

There are 2 sides to every story – read them both

Most of us are not aware of our personal bias when we see, read or hear the news. All right. Beware of opinions that make bold, precise claims without contradictory arguments.

Find balanced sources that provide different perspectives.

If you paint a picture of the worst situation, look at the picture of the best

If you think about how much time, what will happen, that scenario does not actually increase the likelihood of happening. If you imagine the market sinking, challenge yourself to take a picture of the market revival. Don’t worry What The information you receive. Think How much? The information you receive.

Knowledge is power. However, reading, seeing or hearing negative market news can increase your anxiety and exaggerate your perception of market risk – the risk of losing your investment value due to market fluctuations.

If you are particularly threatened by market risk, your higher emotions may turn you into your portfolio that could jeopardize your long-term goals.

Determine how relevant the news is to you

We are all dealing with the effects of Covid-1 together, but each of our experiences is unique.

Unfortunately, bad news – such as business shutdowns and financial hardship – is a part of life (regardless of the health of the economy and markets).

It’s normal to get upset when you read a story about a person or business struggle, but try not to read further into the story. Your situation is as unique as yours.

Make noise

As consumers, we are attracted to content with an interesting hook that conveys a strong emotional response, even fear. “Coronavirus shock destroys Americans’ retirement dreams” is the title of a true news article published in March 2020. *

When you see a headline like this, mark what it is: try to get your attention. Due to the market downturn, it is possible that some Americans will not meet their retirement goals within their planned timeframe. This does not mean that they will not get the retirement they dreamed of; This means they have felt a push, which is a known risk of investment.

In most cases, failure to meet predetermined goals does not translate into lower quality in the future. Keep a long-term plan. When it comes to the market, what goes up comes down – and vice versa.

If you need help tuning the noise, consider Talk to an advisor Or share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. Listening to someone else’s point of view can give you the context you need for a healthy development Perspective.

*Coronavirus shock is destroying Americans’ retirement dreams. Ben Steverman. March 26, 2020.


All investments are at risk, including the potential loss of money you invest.

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