The worst thing you can do in a hotel

A hotel may feel like a luxury home away from home, but that doesn’t mean you should always work the way you do in your actual residence.

Recently, HBO’s “The White Lotus” highlighted the kind of rude behavior that many hotel guests regularly display. And while the show was entertaining to watch, it shouldn’t be a model of acceptable traveler etiquette বিশেষ especially since the hospitality industry struggles amid the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic.

“Travel is on the rise and hotels are finally returning to business,” says Diane Gotsman, a etiquette expert. “A better writer for modern etiquette.”
Life, ”and founder of the School of Protocol in Texas. “Do your part to keep the experience enjoyable for fellow guests and hotel staff.”

To that end, Halfpost asked Gotsman and other etiquette experts to identify some of the rude behaviors they often observe in hotels and advised them to avoid these wrongdoings. Read on for 13 examples.

Trashing your room

“The housekeeping team doesn’t have to deal with unreasonable filth when it comes upon your home,” said Mr Manners, a columnist on nationally syndicated etiquette. “Before you hang the ‘Please Make Up Room’ tag on your door, make sure the accommodation is presentable and healthy.”

In addition to the condition of your home, you can also take care of cleanliness with your room service tray or cart.

“When it comes to room service, ask the hotel when you’re ordering what you should do with the tray or trolley,” said Nick Leighton, a etiquette expert, and “Are you raised by wolves?” Podcast. “Many hotels would rather call you to pick it up than to leave it in the hallway.”

Campaign on housekeeping supply cart

Hotels offer a variety of amenities and facilities to make your stay comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can help yourself to what you’re looking for.

“Don’t run the hotel housekeeping supply cart. Ask what you need, so the supply isn’t mysteriously low when changing households, said Patricia Rossi, a civic expert, keynote speaker and author of “Everyday Etiquette”.

Being greedy at the buffet

“The admirable breakfast buffet all day is no exception,” insisted Jodie RR Smith, president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

Do not consider the breakfast buffet as an invitation to adequate nutrition for multiple meals.

“When breakfast is included, there’s a fine line between knowing to grab an extra banana to get back to your room and then loading a complete set of topwear for lunch and dinner,” Leighton said.

Not getting dressed before you leave the house

“Don’t wear a bathrobe or pajamas for breakfast,” Leighton advised. “Even though a hotel is like a house, it’s not really your home.”

Gutsman echoed this advice, noting that footwear was also important.

“Dress appropriately,” she said. “There are no bathrobes in the lobby, wear shoes – don’t go to the hotel barefoot. Yes, people do it sometimes! “

Disrespect employees

“For a day or a week or more, the hotel room is your temporary accommodation and it should be treated that way,” Farley said. “You should take care of the hotel staff in the same way. Front-desk staff are there to ensure your accommodation is comfortable and your location is a delight. They should not be addressed as indentured slaves.

In addition to the simple rudeness, talking rudely to the hotel staff will not give you free upgrades or anything useful. And sometimes things that annoy the guest are completely out of the control of the staff, especially during epidemics when the hospitality industry is short-staffed.

Life etiquette expert Juliet Mitchell, aka Mrs. Jay, said, “Since the advent of the Covid-1 of, hotels have had to change some of their services, change some of them and even cut some of their services.” Nothing better will come of it. ”

Making lots of noise

“Whether you’re traveling for fun, family obligations or business, you must remember your hotel is a shared space,” Smith said. “Other guests should be unaware of your coming and going with pleasure.”

He recommended measuring your voice, TV and your music while in the hotel room. Also be wary of door slamming, especially if you are departing for an early flight.

“The amount of noise you make is also a primary concern in hallways, elevators and lobbies,” Smith said. “You can talk loudly at home, but screaming in the hallway is very annoying. It may be more fun for you to keep your kids eyed while running in the elevator, but it can be very frustrating for others.

Valentinrusanov through Getty Images

Hotels are communal spaces, so it’s important to be aware of the noise.

Skimping on the tip

“Don’t skimp at the tip,” Rossi said. “Tip $ 3 to $ 5 per day for hotel charms. Leave a simple note on the bathroom sink or pillow that reads, ‘Thank you, household.’ ‘

It is also important to advise Vault, Bellman and courtiers for their services. Tap as directly as possible.

“Tip Housekeeping Every day – not at the end of the stay – make sure the right person gets a gratuity for the work done to refresh your room.”

Hugging facility

“For shared spaces, use what you need,” Smith said. “Putting your towels on exercise equipment while others wait, or getting up at 00:00 to claim pool lounge chairs that you won’t use until noon, is just rude.”

Generally speaking, you should not change your gym behavior because of the location.

“Hotel gyms are still gyms, so don’t hog machines while others wait, use headphones if you want music, and don’t forget to wipe your equipment and benches after use,” Leighton said.

Energy loss

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

“Save energy,” Gotsman said. “As you live in your own home, try to be energy efficient, reuse your towels and don’t let the water run endlessly.”

To make unreasonable claims

“Travelers should live up to their expectations,” Farley said. “If you’re in the 1,000 suite per night, your expected amenities and services are going to be just as high. It’s not … unreasonable. “

No matter where you are, you need to be patient from time to time and realize that things cannot happen as quickly as you would like.

“Businesses across America, including hotels, are understaffed and simply do not have staff for speed housekeeping and room service requests,” Mitchell said. “Since your room service request may be limited, slow, or non-existent, be careful and be prepared to look for other sources for your food.”

Hiding a smoke

Most hotels today do not allow smoking indoors, so if you live in a non-smoking building, do not break the rules and do not turn on the lights anyway.

“It amazes me that some people still try to‘ tear up ’the smoke,” Mitchell said. “As recently as 2020, there were reports of hotel fires due to cigarette smoke. If you smoke, you may be asked to quit.

Consider check-in and checkout times as advice

“Don’t expect to arrive hours in advance and have your room ready,” Gotsman said. “It is not possible to ask for a late checkout, so make arrangements in advance.”

Failing to request a late checkout and simply taking it as an option is also highly unreasonable, as hotel staff may need to quickly clean and disinfect your room before the next guests arrive.

“Stay on top during check-in and checkout and don’t exceed your welcome by swimming to the front desk to depart for an hour or more after the scheduled checkout time,” Farley said.

Crowded people

Although the incidence of Covid-1 cases is declining, it is important to be aware of health and safety precautions as the epidemic progresses. That means giving people a place in a communal area.

“Keep your distance,” Gotsman advised. “When in an elevator, if you notice a car with several guests, it’s not okay to overcrowd. Be aware of the comfort level of other guests and do not hesitate to ask if in doubt.

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