The woman in charge of the gun on Alec Baldwin’s movie set deleted her social media accounts.

The woman in charge of Alec Baldwin’s gun on the set of “Rust” deleted her social media accounts today.

Hannah Guterres Reid was on the set of the Western film “Armor”. Baldwin was given a loaded gun for the scene he was shooting. He killed a woman on the set and injured a second man.

Hannah Guterres Instagram

Here is Hannah’s video.

Running: Alec Baldwin’s Discharge of Negligence: Uninterrupted Actor May Face Allegation of Involuntary Murder

He was portrayed on set with the cast.

MSN reports:

Hannah Gutierrez Reid, 24, was the armor on the set of Rust, which suspended production in New Mexico after the deadly shooting of Halina Hutchins on Thursday.

Mrs. Reed is the daughter of Hollywood longtime Armor Thell Reed, who trained Hollywood stars like Russell Crowe to handle guns and other prop weapons. Mrs. Reed recently told the podcast Voice of the West that she tried her hand at acting and modeling before working further behind the scenes.

“Originally, I planned to work with a camera, or I really like lighting. I wanted to work as a DP,” Mrs. Reed, who has a film degree from the University of Northern Arizona, told the podcast in an episode aired last month. I did [armorer work] Once with Dad, and then I realized I had a real craft for it, I grew up around guns all my life. “

He also considered the work a “pretty sweet gig,” he said. Before the rust started, Mrs. Reed finished shooting Nicholas Cage’s first Western, The Old Way, which “was also my first time as Head Armor,” he told the podcast.

“I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job,” he said of his role in The Old Way, continuing: “To do it, it’s gone really smoothly.”

He added: “I think loading the vacuum was the scariest thing for me because I ‘oh, I don’t know anything about it”, but explained that his father helped him train.

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