The Washington Post has rushed to defend Biden over the supply chain crisis: ‘Americans need to lower expectations’

The Washington Post received a fair amount of criticism after running an op-ed so that Americans should not complain about President Biden’s supply chain crisis and the consequent impact on our livelihoods but rather lower our expectations.

Supply chain problems have become so commonplace lately that White House officials have admitted to Christmas shopping this year, “there will be something that people can’t get.”

Businesses across the country are becoming so low-staffed and food scarcity that people are posting pictures of empty shelves at their local grocery store and forcing Twitter hashtags like #EmptyShelvesJoe to be on trend.

As Michaeline Maynard writes for the Washington Post, none of this is Biden’s fault.

It’s really true that Americans are spoiled, accustomed to fast service times and easy access to common products.

In other words, we have come to expect the first world-class living in the richest country in the history of the world. Crazy, isn’t it?

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Stop criticizing Biden and lower your expectations

In a column that wrote a virtually anti-Republican ad for Republicans, Washington Post columnist Micheline Maynard argued that Americans need to lower their expectations in the Biden era.

“American consumers, whose expectations have been humiliated and met for decades, are not accustomed to difficulties,” he wrote.

Why should we? We have created the richest nation in the history of the world.

“Across the country, Americans’ expectations of fast service and easy access to consumer products have been shattered like trash compactor styrofoam containers, ”Maynard wrote. “Time to anticipate something new, more realistic.”

To be fair, President Biden raised expectations that he would “control” the epidemic and provide “economic relief” to the American people.

Is it too much to ask that he just keeps his promise?

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The Washington Post mocked

Instead of lowering expectations, as suggested by a Washington Post columnist, social media users have ridiculed the idea that their target posts should be shifted to President Biden’s advantage.

“We will do us a favor by consciously lowering expectations,” Maynard claims, adding that eventually the public will not have to worry because “eventually the supply chain will straighten out.”

Two new campaign slogans for Biden or even Orange Harris are heading into 20224 – ‘low expectations’ and ‘we’ll get it out in the end.’

Well done.

Matt Kibby, president of Free the People, tweeted, “Sounds like a questionable mantra between ‘pay more, drink less, and STFU’, right?”

To be fair, it may be that the media has made the most honest assessment of the Biden administration.

Christina Pusho, press secretary to Florida Gov. Ron de Santis, joked that the Democrats’ slogan should be in mid-2022: “Actually, the bread line isn’t so bad!”

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) listened to and corrected the Washington Post’s efforts to lower expectations.

“The Washington Post tells Americans to expect empty shelves inside their grocery stores, then blames consumers for overreacting, when they should demand answers from the Biden administration, without playing a defense on their behalf,” Buck wrote.

He added, “Spoiler alert: it’s Joe’s fault!”

The supply chain crisis is actually Biden’s fault.

As did Transportation Secretary Pete Battigie, who, in the worst transportation crisis in modern American history, took paternity leave for about two months for his newly adopted children.

“You would think that at this moment – a moment where the future issue of infrastructure and infrastructure was number 1 – the Secretary of Transportation would be everywhere,” wrote Christopher Baron for Political Insider.

“That he will be one of the most critical voices in the whole country.”

Instead, Batigieg has been MIA.

Oh, it is very necessary to assume that the main supply of the Department of Transportation works to roll the ships again.

There will be little expectation for the media to move forward in tackling this protracted crisis. Just as it has been for the economy in general. Just as it was for the defeat of Afghanistan. Just as it has been for the border crisis.

“All I can do is hope for the best,” Maynard wrote. “Like everyone else.”

The rest of America will do the same. Besides, ‘best’ means holding those in power accountable.

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