The US government does not respect autonomy. Bitcoin.

Below is a direct excerpt from the Martis Bent Issue # 1094: “Kleptocrates have no respect for you, your privacy or your ‘autonomy.'” Sign up for the newsletter here.

The government that brought you 28 28 trillion that they can’t return without sealing the ceiling and taxing and other means forcibly confiscating assets is telling you that “yes, yes, yes, attack your privacy and submit it to you.” So that the IRS knows about every transaction above $ 600. “

Growing debt cannot be your own fault. It’s probably a bureaucratic product drunk with inability to do anything with any symbol of power, greed, and efficiency, but it doesn’t matter. You have to suffer. After all, this is your government. You voted for the decision innocents. Therefore, you must be responsible for the consequences of their decision. Deal with it, farmer.

Ignore the old bag shouting “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” in your face as if it misused her position and the information she (husband) gave her as a proper explanation of a legitimate question about government excesses in the front-run market. You are wrong. You are guilty until proven innocent. Unless the IRS takes the information transferred from the bank, until you review every transaction made above $ 600 and let you know if you have paid your “fair share”, you are not free from your natural tax slave sin. Deal with it, Maggot.

This is how the US government views the US taxpayer at the present time. As we said yesterday, it is time to overthrow this government in power. These ignorant cleptocrats need to be left behind. They are actively trying to move forward through a top-down centrally planned economic transition over the masses.

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