The urban mayor must be fired before the Jacksonville Jaguars can be released

Urban mayor in hot water again?  Disgusting.

Urban mayor in hot water again? Disgusting.
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a mess because Shad Khan is a mess. The sole owner of the color NFL Once donated 1 1 million to Donald Trump and then dared to write an article on racial and social justice, Spent his 0-4 rookie Tuesday morning making a statement about the head coach’s embarrassing and ridiculous accident আর Urban Meyer.

“I just apologized to the team and staff for being scattered.” The mayor said Monday He is entertaining young women who are drunk on a bar about viral videos and photos. “It simply came to our notice then. So I explained what happened. And was the owner of it. And, you know, just stupid. I should not put myself in such a position.

“Coaches shouldn’t be confused,” Meyer added.

It’s ridiculous.

Since taking the job, the mayor has been nothing more than a confusion, as his passion for making bad decisions has surpassed a tendency and has become the norm. The List of his things Already done This incident was already enough to dismiss a woman or a black coach if they were in the same position.

From public acknowledgment to vaccination of players was considered when a racist force was recruited for the final enrollment. Coach, To the whole team Tebo Fiasco, Fine yourself and the team for violating the OTA, To move the head-scratching roster, And to annoy his players and coaches, the countless titles dedicated to what Meyer did before winning an NFL game are ridiculous.

Report about Players don’t like the mayor’s college-like style among professionals Mutations have occurred, since it is now reported that things “Can be uglyBecause he has lost all credibility in the locker room.

Never forget that this man once taught a course. “Leadership and characterIn the state of Ohio.

“Urban Mayor, we’ve got enough evidence about America.” Marcus Spears said in Monday’s episode of ESPN NFL Live. “We have enough. If you want to research it yourself, go ahead and do it. I have researched it. I talked to people in the circle. That’s enough to understand why an urban mayor shouldn’t be someone’s head coach.

“Shad Khan, you’re on the clock, brother,” Spears continued. “It’s time to find another head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And it needs to start, for example, right now. Like today. “

When Meyer was coaching in college, he had a double layer force field that protected him সে he won and he was white. In this country, you will happily look different if you can win. And once you sprinkle white privilege on top, someone like Meyer becomes Teflon. However, the year 2021 has proved that the mayor’s love coat has broken before our eyes. He is undefeated, and the offensive talent that has taken the states of Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio to new heights does not understand how to free Trevor Lawrence.

And the lack of an African-American head coach in the NFL is a story that will not go away, as white coaches with less experience and poor biographies are hired annually যেমন such as the mayor সত্য the fact that he is the latest college-to-pro coach to fail in the NFL. Hall red herring.

At the end of his term in Ohio, the mayor was allowed to retire because the school did not have enough ball for him. It’s a lie to know One of them Trusted assistants Was spoken Abusing his wife.

So, he always makes excuses when he doesn’t want to work anywhere else – for health reasons.

“He wants to be a coach. But physically he can’t coach. He can’t do it anymore, ”said the great and close friend of the former Chris Carter said in FS1.

“It simply came to our notice then. When he is excited or upset. When he gets into coaching mode, coaching becomes almost impossible for him because the cyst fluid starts to come out which is not a migraine headache, but a split headache. “

Before returning to the sidelines in Jacksonville, Meyer was an analyst at Fox Sports and was really good at it. She has found her niche and her “health problem” no longer seems to be a problem. But in the end, his ego got its best and he couldn’t refuse the call of Shad Khan and the Jaguars.

Now, another call is needed – In which Khan called the mayor and informed him that he had been fired. He should not be content to leave as he did in the past, it makes it easier for him to return to Fox Sports, or ESPN, or any other school he may be interested in – Stay away USC. By dismissing Urban Meyer, the football world will eventually be forced to see what he really is. A habitual liar that “don’t tell his players to do as I say” when his players win a ton of games on Saturday, because he’s unfit to coach on Sunday.

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