The United States has reached an agreement to release Huawei’s Meng Wangzhou

Mr. Since Biden took office, the United States has denied the company some, but not all, the kind of chips needed for its equipment যা which is leading the company toward self-sufficiency. And there is evidence that by starving the company, it has begun to undermine Huawei’s profitability and its impact.

In an effort to dominate the network from Latin America to the Middle East, the Chinese government has written off the cost of installing Huawei Gear.

Mrs. came to express that effort. His determination to associate Tehran with it, at a time when the West was seeking to control Iran’s nuclear program, drew protests from American officials. For that reason, some Chinese hard-liners on Friday objected to the allegations being dropped.

“This sends the wrong message to Chinese business officials around the world that it is permissible to engage in fraudulent transactions with Iran and North Korea,” said Michael Pilsbury, a scholar at the Hudson Institute. Trump. “I fear that another part of the message is that the Biden team has allowed Huawei to sell certain types of chips and technology, which will also reduce the message that Huawei should not be added to our friends and allies’ 5G telecommunications system.”

Huawei mobilized a fierce effort to secure the release of Ms. Meng in Washington and Canada. But he declined to plead guilty to bank fraud and fraud caused by Huawei’s deal in Iran. A few months later, he agreed to a suspended prosecution agreement, which eventually withdrew all charges against him.

The lawsuit began when Canadian authorities arrested 49-year-old Ms Meng in December 2018 at the request of the United States. He owns two interesting homes in Vancouver, and was allowed to stay between them with an ankle bracelet to find his location. He eventually settled in his gated, seven-bedroom mansion in the city’s exclusive Shaognesi neighborhood, where he received painting lessons and private massages.

She instantly became one of the world’s most famous prisoners – especially because she was the daughter of Huawei’s famous founder and chief executive, Ren Zhengfei, a former People’s Liberation Army officer who turned her small telecommunications firm into a national champion.

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