The unique Ertha Land NFT is flying off the shelf

The cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high and the NFT world is growing. ERTHA is one of the hottest P2E (play to earn) gaming metavers projects and is still in the private NFT cell round, but already fits into the incredible product-market.

Erthaverse is a 3D virtual representation of a future planet Earth, divided into 350,000 unique land plots NFT, differing in resources and features. Landowners are joining an endless, life-like simulation to build their homes, customize their environment, participate in politics, and earn real income by creating and running an in-game economy.

In the first few days of personal sales, more than 2,000 Hexs have already been sold to individual owners In the world, Saudi Arabia, representing the oil-rich country in the real world, has been sold out in a matter of hours, with the NFT displaying huge hype over land ownership.

Future income and opportunity are the main criteria when purchasing. Investors are acquiring a lot of land – the whole region and even countries So far the demand has largely exceeded expectations, as smart investors and gamers take advantage of the rare opportunity to acquire more valuable HEX NFT land plots at lower prices in this first personal sale round.

Ertha’s unique P2E and P2L (play-to-learn) combination stimulates future gamers’ adrenaline receptors and helps them think about their upcoming strategy. The first in-game unions and groups have already signed up and are eagerly awaiting participation in this lucrative and rewarding metavers, which triggers the late Assad crowd to snatch the most lucrative HEX Land NFTs.

Ertha will incorporate multiple detail-based features, dynamically influencing player decisions in Metaverse.

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