The U.S. Marshal may come for Bannon after he denies the 1/6 committee subpoena

1/6 Committee member Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) said the committee wants to deploy U.S. marshals for round-the-clock witnesses like Steve Bannon who refuse to comply with the subpena.

Reporter Murphy’s video says the committee is using U.S. marshals to arrest witnesses:

Murphy later suggested that fines and imprisonment could come for Bannon and others:

Rip, Murphy says, “We want to apply ours subpoenas, will be the first step To follow the culprit for us Hate. This means that The committee will convene a Report and then mention it The floor of the house. There will be a vote, and then It goes to the J sectionUseI would fully recommend Scope of consequences. Jail Time, fine. We have to make sure of these People understand that it is Not acceptable. “

Steve Bannon is playing a stupid and dangerous game of chicken. Trump has no executive privilege to protect him. Benon has no legal basis to oppose the appeal. The plan appears to be to try to tie it to the court after the 2022 election, but any case should be settled quickly.

Representative Murphy is right. The fastest way to get these witnesses lined up is to pursue criminal contempt charges and throw them in jail.

Steve Bannon may be the first maga to face 1/6 of the consequences.

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