The U.S. House of Representatives will rule on the infrastructure bill this week

According to Reuters, Pelosi expressed confidence that the law would be passed after the announcement on Sunday, September 26, citing: “I’ll just say we’re going to pass the bill this week.” The same day he complained that he would not bring the bill to a vote unless he believed it would pass.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that on Thursday, September 30, the Biden administration will vote on whether to pass the controversial 1 1 trillion bilateral infrastructure bill.

“Tomorrow, September 2, we will start debating the bilateral infrastructure on the floor of the House and, on Thursday, September 0, we will vote.”

Pelosi noted that the vote was due to take place the day before the 2021 Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act expires.

When the law is passed through the Senate with bipartisan support on August 10, the bill requires strict opposition reporting for network legitimizers and software developers who do not receive the necessary information to comply.

Although the bill was passed on August 10, an amendment was introduced by Senator Pat Tommy to show the mutual support of Senators Cynthia Lumis, Rob Portman, Mark Warner, Kirsten Cinema and Ron Wyden, seeking to exempt verifiers, developers and node operators from the law. .

To the frustration of the crypto community, Alaman refrained from adding a single objection amendment to Senator Richard Shelby’s law.

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However, the infrastructure bill faces opposition from some lawmakers who believe it should be put on hold until discussions on the 3.5 3.5 trillion social welfare and climate bill are completed.

The price of the second bill annoyed some Democrats, with Pelosi hinting that it was “self-evident” that the bill could be reduced in scope.

“We are now working with the Senate and the White House to change this historic law,” he said. “[$3.5 trillion] That was the number sent to us by the Senate and the President. Clearly through discussion, there needs to be some change as soon as possible, so that we can build our sense of humor to move forward.